5th Regiment RMP

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by titan, Jul 19, 2012.

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  1. The future structure, I believe, will look something like this:

    1 RMP (RHQ in York) consisting of:
    150 Pro Coy in Catterick
    A Regular Coy in Scotland (pos 110 Pro Coy)
    + a TA Coy (pos 243 Pro Coy)

    3 RMP (RHQ in Bulford) consisting of:
    158 Pro Coy in Bulford
    174 Pro Coy in Donnington
    + a TA Coy

    4 RMP (RHQ in ??) consisting of:
    160 Pro Coy in Aldershot
    156 Pro Coy in Colly
    + a TA Coy (Pos 116)

    An SIB Regt

    A 'Specialist' Regt consisting of:
    CPU + other bits n bobs Specialist Units.

    In a nut shell, there or there abouts will be the 2020 structure of the Monkey Brotherhood. :rmp:
  2. You are missing 253V
  3. Missing quite a lot TBH but just a broad-spectrum list.
  4. 1 RMP RHQ moving to York? Interesting..
  5. 2 Pl (Lisburn) 243 Pro Coy (V) remains and will continue to recruit. PM me if you need any further details.
  6. Thanks.
  7. I have a question; what happened to your PSI? He's off having been there only 6 months!

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  8. sssshhhhhhhh. Don't tell him Pike.
  9. PIKEY would be more apt if you're on about your new one!!
  10. I know the one in Scotland but the one in NI only by name. Who's the new one then? The only pikey is at 114
  11. After a short stint at 116, the PIKEY I'm on about is now at 243 in Lisburn.
  12. I'm guessing but it would make sense to put 116 in with 3 RMP (all 3 sub-units would then cover the western side of England) and 253 in with 4 RMP (all 3 sub-units covering the eastern side of England). Are RHQ 4 RMP moving from Aldershot then?