5th march - lichfield

lads, ive got my date for basic hence the title, anyone else going? thanks for all your help guys, not over yet i know!
good stuff, i only found out today just passed selection yesterday, the fitness is all prgressive i think so that should get easy with time but i have none of my kit or anything, how about you? what regiment and job you going for?
I passed selection about 6 months ago and I have just been sitting on my arse waiting.. Im joining the royal engineers as a driver operator.. Im guessing your joining the signals?? I have bought bits and pieces however there is still some time to get the rest of it.. So heres a question , what is the time for your 1.5 mile??
yer itll be easy enough to get it all i think, how old are you then? im 17 so i may be one of the younger ones, i run it in 10:35 gonna try get it to around the 10 minute mark though how about yourself?
I just turned 19.. Well I havent been traing recently because of work.. Also its been the festive season so the booze was flowing.. hehe.. So I would say my running wont be too good , but Im starting to train soon.. I dont want to be the person at the back during the runs.. I want to get my run time 11 mins or below before I get there..
mate you'll be fine, you past selection so you must have what it takes!, you know anything about lichfield then? im not familiar with it myself. also about your running just do like your 1.5 mile run twice a day if possible and include like spped play and endurance runs youll be fine
Yeah I should be okay , I mean running may be my weakness however I have other qualities as my strengths.. All about teamwork.. Well I never been to Lichfield but this link http://www.army.mod.uk/atr/atr_lichfield/index.htm does have some info on the ATR , training , pay , and such.. Do you have your date for your attestation yet?? Im going on the 19 Feb.. That should be a piece of p1ss..
just a thought ive got my selection next weekend do you reckon that i would start at lichfield the same time as you guys (if i pass) ??
erm im not sure yet i went to my careers office today and they told me when i had my selection and that was it , im joining as a IS Engineer if that helps :S
Now chaps, remember if you're going out in Tamworth, avoid Kube at all costs.

In fact, just avoid Tamworth full stop unless you want to knock up some hooped slapper or start a fight with the most inbred person you can find.

There is a good surplus store there though. :)
Sounds like a good night out Chalky..

Catton , I recon if you pass selection you will be coming down in March... All the best.. Also , did you go to Middlesbrough Careers office??
I'm confident i will pass selection. My run time is 10 mins can do about 8 heaves 10 at a push and i have pretty good strength i just want to start basic:)
I know what you mean , I started my application process last year Feb... Ever since I passed selection 6 months ago I been waiting..
i think theres a very good chance that you will be in the 5th march intake as i passed selection in december and join 28th of this month... good luck on selection, it is quite easy aslong as you pass selection, good luck!

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