5th KSLI Battle of Bellewarde (Ypre) 1915

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by pandaplodder, Mar 16, 2009.

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  1. I'm looking for some information about the 5th Bn's attack at Bellewarde, info about the Bn in general (I don't live anywhere near the Regimental museum so a trip there is out at the moment).

    My great grandfather was in his late 30's when war broke out, he was a farm labourer (even with conscription he wouldn't have been called up), married with several children and had another on the way, in 1915 he was 38.

    He volunteered to join the Army, although from Bedfordshire, he was working in Shropshire so enlisted in the Kings Shropshire Light infantry.

    All that I know is that he was killed on 25/09/1915 which is the day the Bn attacked Bellwarde Wood. I did have some notes about the attack (which have since gone missing, but it sounded like the Bn was decimated by an enemy artillery barrage.

    The only other information I have is that he is one of the missing and his name is on the Menin Gate Memorial. He never saw his youngest daughter.
  2. PP,

    As you are probably aware your G-Grandfathers Bn was part of the 42nd Bde of the 14th Light Division. His battalion attacked that morning from Trenches H15a and H16a on the Bellewaerde Ridge. This attack was acting as a diversionary attack for a major offensive further south that became known as the Battle of Loos. I have the a copy of the Brigade War Diary for that time including the Brigade orders for the attack and a copy of the post action report. Working underneath the British Trenches in that area was 177 Tunelling Coy RE, on whom I am doing a study. If you would PM me with an email address I will gladly send you the info I have.


  3. thanks :)
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  5. It may be worth applying for copies of the Bn War Diary for the few days either side of the date in question.

    I did that (two great-uncles serving in the same Bn, one killed one wounded the same day) and found some very interesting detail that you rarely find in publications.

    Small fee but well worth it IMO.

    Also, sign-up to the Great War forum (sorry can't post a link as it seems to be down at the moment). Someone there is very likely to have done the research already.