5th Anniversary of the passing of the EWOP Trade

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Fraser, Jul 30, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know if there are plans to mark the 5th Anniversary of the expulsion of the EWOP/TELE OP (LING)/LING OP Trade from the Royal Corps of Signals? It is highly likely that there is a monumental p1ss-up planned, but I didn't get an invite, which I must admit would not be without good reason.
  2. Nice to hear from you again blindazh, where have you been hiding?
  3. rarely have anything constructive to say so dont post often. :?
  4. That doesn't stop the majority of arrsers, myself included.
  5. that had been noticed
  6. oh larrrdeeedahh!

  7. I think a lot of people have already signed up for that - I know I have!
  8. Went to the first bash in London and was a good night. Couldn't make the ones after it and then heard no more about them. What ever happened to the website on msn/groups? I lost the link and couldn't find it again. Was handy for passing info on p!ss ups etc.
  9. Think i still have a link for languagesyaus (messrs macgregor and brewer) but dunno if it works.

    Im up for a reunion so if theres anything planned, lettuce snow. If not, lets do an ad-hoc
  10. EWOPS...The little furry things from Star Wars??

    Bit longer than 5 years since that film came out.

  11. Who the fcuk cares? Post your scaley sh!t on the Signals board. Come to think of it, if you miss your gay 2 piece capbadge so much then fcuk off back there. Grrrrr :x Scaleys, I hate each and every last motherfcuking one of them......... And I'll fight anyone that says booze makes me punchy!
  12. A nice cup of milky tea in the shade and he usually doesn't bother anyone until his potty needs emptying..
  13. Just in case you hadn't noticed, the two trades were amalgamated in to the Intelligence Corps, which means we are no longer in the Royal Corps of Signals.
  14. two trades?? please clarify as i was dropped long before it all went snot hat :twisted: :wink: