5SCOTS to Colchester

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by nomadcelt, Mar 15, 2007.

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  1. I heard a rumour yesterday that 5SCOTS were likely to move to the Colchester Super-Garrison within the next few years.

    Does anyone know of any truth on this?
  2. It's entirely possible considering they are part of 16 Bde, although there will have to be some serious investment in the garrison.
  3. Well the super garrison complex is nearing completion is it not? There has been serious investment in the place for a number of years.
  4. Yeah apparently 16 AAB are staioned in brand new barracks, one man rooms. This coulpled with new married quarter estates.
  5. Some of 16 Bde are in new barracks and there are no new quarters.........just the gopping, rancid, damp infested, run-down shiteholes they laughingly call houses, which have been there for the past 50 years.

    P.S Most locals in Colchester are not inbred, illiterate, drug taking wannabee cockney bastards.............they all are.
  6. The only time I went to Colly was in 2005, doing an escort to MCTC. Just read that the Para Regt had new barrcks in Colchester.

    Are the locals in Aldershot inbred, illiterate, drug taking wannabee cockney bastards????
  7. Not even close. There are numerous units within the ORBAT of 16 Bde that are not yet stationed or even close to being stationed in Colchester. I'm sure that it will take many years yet.

    You may be thinking of the new HQ location which is in the process of being built/elements of which have been completed.
  8. During the early 1990's an entire MQ estate was demolished and brand new houses built in their place, that i suspect is the "new" MQ's mentioned
  9. So, essentially, 5 SCOTS are not moving there for a number of years. Nevermind, would have preferred Colchester to Canterbury.
  11. This rumour has been doing the rounds for a few years. Comd 16 Bde keeps suggesting that he would like to have the Argylls in Colchester with the rest of the Bde but there is no money for the next few (5+) years. With R IRISH about to be sitting in Tern Hill then they will be as mal-located as the Argylls for the next few years. Also remember that in 3 years or so the Argylls are due to roule out of the Bde for 2 1/2 years and be replaced by RGR. So get out the sun tan lotion and settle back in Canterbury. :D
  12. if only 5 scots are going to move then surely a B&B will do for them? :lol:
  13. There is still a hell of alot of buildings to be put up including 2 and 3 PARA's accomodation and HQ's, 216 Accomodation, 7 RHA HQ etc.

    There may be a possibility that 2 and 3 PARA's old real estate will be revamped and given to 5 SCOTS (and maybe 1 R IRISH?) after the PARA's have moved, but i don't know.

    In fact what am i saying the MOD has probably already sold the land to some supermarket. :|
  14. Apparently 5 SCOTS manning is much improved and they may need both rooms in the B&B for the MQs