5RRF Recruits and the Hackle

While working at the RTC at the weekend, I noticed that recruits from 5RRF are now wearing the Hackle during training. When I was a lad recruits from this fine regiment, were not allowed to wear the Hackle until they had completed basic at the Depot Bassingbourn.

So why the change?
We weren't , hackles were presented on completion of ITC.
Blyth_spirit said:
Are they allowed to wear staple belts too?
Yes then they get stable belts when they have finished......... :D
When i joined 5RRF (C,coy, ashton) when it was based in the noth west back in 1988 you got a good beasting for wearing your hackle before basic. It was awarded to you when you completed basic. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
I thought it was "regimental accoutrements" such as stable belts etc after passing trade, ie: CIC?
i am a member of the Fusilier MG platoon at Bury attached to 4 Lancs.

we were ordered to allow our recruits to wear the "complete" capbadge as before we had only allowed them to wear the hackle on qualifying successfully on CIC.

now we have to give them the hackle on completion of their recruit training which also coincides with the presentation of their berets.

However we dont allow them to wear stable belts until they are fully qualified.

By the way we still have men here who served in the last 5RRF who would love to go back to our own regiment. we had hopes that it would happen when 5th was reborn but no chance of that happening.
I still yearn for the days of the 6th Battalion. SDR was insane, slash the TA in 1999 then mobilise them wholesale just a few years later. Talk about forward planning!

Once a Fusilier, always a Fusilier!
I wasn't allowed to wear beret, rankslides or stable belt until I'd passed Phase 1, yet the recruit cadre behind mine (it all changed from being in-house at battalion to being sent to an RTC) got given theirs weekend one. We were, however, the only unit to carry on doing this despite that, which is more than I can say for the non-infantry units...
(You could tell too, bearing in mind most of the chaps and chappesses walking around with HLS's on their nappers)
As an ARAB, I wore a hackle all through Basingbourne and Catterick and so did everyone else - This was in 96.

Only on completing CIC and hitting your Bn did you get to wear a stable belt and shoulder slides.

You STABs are just weird :p
I always thought it was strange that our capbadge embodied 300 years of kicking the sh1t out of this country's enemies, but yet we gave them out to anyone who turned up on a Friday evening.
Astounding how a thread can be dug up from 3 months ago and nothing useful added to it.

Incidentally the staple belt comment refers to someone else's faux pas. It's back there if you look for it.

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