5m more immigrants to arrive in UK by 2031.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by armchair_jihad, Sep 28, 2007.

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  1. Celebrate we all live in a Rainbow village!

  2. All Scientists and Engineers no doubt

  3. Wonderful! exactly what I voted for!

  4. Great I’ll put some bunks in the Garage

  5. I am guilty of thought crimes and must be punished

  1. In full

  2. Errrr does anybody speak polish?
  3. well better break out the ammo lots of people to be sloted
  4. A_J - Why?

    Just when we get the shi te off the boards back you come with a question that brings all the little turds floating back to the surface.

    Lets save 20 pages of Rant and vituperative backed up by "facts" pulled off the tinfoil hat wearers of the world website and accept the following.

    1. Some people will not like it.

    2. Some people will not mind in the slightest.

    3. Some people will blame islamic militants / the little grey people / the Poles next door/ Sven :)

    4. Some people will use the thread to forward their own political agenda (be it anti or pro).

    Lets not do this again so soon. Please! Its exhausting!

  5. Sorry Heed

    as a successful semi integrated immigrant (China), whose principle exposure to the ‘Old Country’ is through the online press and ARRSE, occasionally its mildly amusing to give the jar of ants a good shake and watch them wave their antennas with anger. Its either that or raising the quotas for my factory slaves.

    tum de tum.
  6. Heed . . . I know the subject has been rogered in many positions on these boards but there is the still the angle of our having already filled the landfill sites . . . our roads being already full and we are already short of housing. Where are we going to put them? They won't all be kids and wrinklies so how many extra cars will that mean? People are already bleating about the amount of new housing going up so how will folks feel about the extra pressure?

    I fear that it is less to do with colour and culture and more to do with infrastructure. We are already unable to feed our population from within our shores and energy security has already reared its ugly head. . . and they want to cram in another few million? At what expense to the quality of life of the existing population?
  7. Perhaps, but if the population is to swell by that amount, we really need to be considering the effects upon the NHS, police, any welfare organisation, etc and of course, your pocket.

    Whereas there are those with sought after skills, the vast majority will have very little to offer I would imagine. The cash cow will run dry and it's your taxes which will have paid for those who have drained it.

    So, will we be living in a country with an out of control crime problem which is over run by those who see us as a meal ticket.

    You can be a p*ssed off as you want about people airing their views and you can label all of us racists, that's up to you, but the fact of the matter is, immigrants are currently costing you and I a lot of money. Is it right that we pay more for the privelage of having them here.

    (The view of this poster does not in any way. shape or form, represent or purport to represent the view or beliefs of the man to the left)
  8. 100% correct, one instance alone is that the UK has no surplus generating power capacity, in fact the original surplus safety margins of 20% or so that our forefathers built into the system has now been eroded to about 1-2%. Which means that black outs will become common place, ditto water, waste, transport, food etc.

    And lets not discuss housing. Racism and bigotry aside it is a small place, 5 million extra high end scientists may make it an attractive destination to investors but I doubt that is what is going to happen.
  9. Some very true consequences of this uncontrolled mass-immigration being mentioned there :wink: , unfortunately certain people will still have a moan for mentioning this issue again :roll:

    The thing is, people will continue to be angry, frustrated and want to vent their feelings on this issue the whole time the Government show such apathy and sheer incompetence regarding this very serious problem :x
  10. I can't disagree with any of the above, and I don't.

    I just get exhausted by the willy waving of the hard right and hard left posters on the site. We have the same arguments ad infinitum, if you don't believe me read the 20 odd pages in the hole about the English only charidee - and I posted on that :(

    Lies damned lies and statistics - all three used by Arrse posters when trying to prove the white good / black bad or we is all rainbow people arguments.

    I am very very tired. :)
  11. I have some sympathy with you Heed . . but while mainstream politicians and those in positions of power and influence fail to address these issues people will get the arrse-ache about it.

    I have felt for a long time that the whole argument needs to be taken to a different level, within a different frame of reference that is able to address the issues without being involved in the current petty bun fights or issues of political sensitivity. Can't see it happening just yet though.
  12. I blame islam. :D
  13. If you are so tired why try and send this the same way? The only person mentioning what you dont want to talk about is you......
  14. :lol: :p :wink:
  15. :? :? Better start building quick smart, where? Rockall :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: