5Bn REME Disbanded

I have heard through the grape vine, that 5Bn REME have Disbanded and become 19CS Workshop. Does this bear any truth, and if so does this mean all REME battalions are disbanding and forming into workshops. I am just wondering cause i am in the process of rejoining and interested to know what kind of establishment i am likely to wonder back into.
They are, I beleive, part of 19 CSS (Combat Service Support) Bn a kind of RLC Log Support Regt/REME Wksp conglomerate....... (think the CSS Bn in Kinnegar NI - a mash together of 2? Regt RLC and 46 NI Wksp)and also more recently, the same animal in SLB, Iraq)

Ask on the REME board and I'm sure one of the more informed, (spelt 'interested', not a dig at your question, just a symptom of my general malaise at the state of things these days), will give you some more info...........


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