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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Arters, May 18, 2011.

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  1. It appears that good ol' 5A is a closet trainspotter.

    I wondered why he chose 5A, now I know, it's the shed code for Crewe North MPD


    I have a small Crimson Duffle Bag, 1x Tartan Flask(lukewarm Oxtail Soup) 2x Cheese

    sandwiches(with turned up corners) and a Brown Quilted Anorak, free, if you want 'em.
  2. Out and proud in Crewe!!!!
  3. Ahh the joy of steam, when men were men and women fainted at the the mere mention of a shag...
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  4. Dwayne Dibbley?

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  5. I thought it was 'cos he is from America:

  6. Much better the smell emanating from a Stanier or Gresley Double Chimney than the smell emanating from a pair of unwashed Piss Flaps - What !
  7. Ah but you forget that woody smell from the noble Hunslet shunting engine, or the sheer driving power behind a Q1...this is statring to get a little erotic, long trains, tunnels etc...I'll get me coat.
  8. Q1 - The Bella Emberg of Steam, fcuking ugly but quick at pulling you off!
  9. Where is The Iron Duke? He is a steam nut and is bound to post on here very soon if he is not too busy fantasizing about who he wants to shag. He must have settled his differences with the vicar.
  10. If he is, he's never passed the Duchy, tight cnut!
  11. Too right brother...but for the Grace Kelly of Steam look no further than the LMS Coronation Class fully streamlined.
  12. I eagerly await 5A's reply. I imagine it will be along the lines of...

    Haha, what a tinker you are. You have got me bang to rights. You are in no way a cunt or a gibbering quim and I'd like to buy you a pint.
  13. That would be because that particular ditty was by Musical Youth!!

    It feels slightly wrong to see FiveAlpha abbreviated with a lower case 'a' somehow!!
  14. Once had a wank in the Cab of 46237 'City of Bristol' in North's Roundhouse! - Semi, streamlined, what colour did you prefer?
  15. Sorry NN the Stanier designed Princess Royal Class were the most graceful locos ever built. See what I did then? But I think so anyway and its nothing to do with receiving a Hornby railway set with the Princess Royal as the loco as my first train set.