59 Years ago today

The predecessors of Gods own cap badge, and assorted hangers on, commenced the final push to liberate Europe.

It irks me something fierce, that June 6th isn't a public holiday.


The Bn hit the beach around 0955 and all 4 Coy and Bn HQ had arrived at the forming up point 1/2 a mile inland by 1130. Subsequently orders were changed and the Warks were to relieve Lovats Cdo who were defending the Ome bridges after their capture by the Ox & Bucks Lt Inf. (Pegasus Bridge ). D-Day casualties for the Warks were 4 killed and 35 wounded (2 were killed after being hit by a 6 Abn Glider bringing in reinforcements). After advancing through Blainville (on D+ 1) the Warks were committed to the battle for the woods and village of Leibsey against 125 Pz Gdrs (21 Pz Div), and walked into a trap. Heavy casualties ensued including the CO being killed and the OC of A Coy Capt. Ding being wounded. The Bn 2i/c, Maj Kreyser took command and despite casualties, the loss of a number of Bren Gun Carriers, and some prisoners being taken (to Caen), was awarded the DSO for the battle. The Norfolks supported the Warks and also took a number of casualties. Initially only 40-80 Warks reported after the withdrawal but this rose to around 400 by night fall. Lt Col Gibbs soon took command of the Bn ( 11 Jun) and the small battles N of Caen ensued for the next 2-3 weeks until the bridgehead was sufficiently large to allow the breakout.


I was lucky enough to be part of the 45th anniversary of D-Day. Jumped in with the 82nd Airborne into St Mere Eglise and was then part of their parade in the town.

We then went off to Pegusus Bridge and Merville Battery to meet up with the vets from 9 Para and Ox & Bucks, very brave men. I felt privilaged to have met these people and was lucky enough to spend quite a few hours talking (and drinking) with them.

This is not meant to distract from the very real issues surrounding PTSD but those blokes really went through some serious shit back then. It was a real eye opener.
Indeed, all should raise a glass to them this evening.

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