59 signals TA fighting closure

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by scouser0151, May 13, 2009.

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  1. RE: Reserve Forces Review (Territorial Army)

    We desperately need your help and support.

    I would hope by now that you are aware of the impending closure of 33 Signal Regiment TA. This is devastating news not only for the serving soldiers, but its families and the wider community of Liverpool.

    On Tuesday 20th April 09, The Minister for the Armed Forces (Mr. Bob Ainsworth) announced in Parliament that he would be implementing seven strategic recommendations as part of General Cottam’s report for the future of Reserve Forces.

    In addition to this he announced some TA signals units operate communications equipment that is now obsolete, and those posts will be removed. They include Headquarters 12 Signals Group and 33, 34 and 35 Signals Regiments. 33 Signal Regiment (V) of which I am a member is based in the North West and has Squadrons in Huyton & Aintree.

    59 (City of Liverpool) Signal Squadron is based at Aintree Barracks, Long Lane, Aintree and has a long and distinguished relationship with the City of Liverpool. The unit is proud to use its full title as the “City of Liverpool Squadron”.

    As a unit we have been proudly parading at St Georges Cenotaph for many years and we can boast that we are the largest formed squad on the parade. Remembrance Sunday is a proud day for any Soldier but it is particularly special for the men and women of 59 (City of Liverpool) Squadron to march through their home city.

    I believe that some of my colleagues had the pleasure of meeting you last summer for which you kindly agreed to present them with NATO medals following their return from an operational tour of duty to Afghanistan. All of those soldiers that you presented medals to last year are also included in the disbandment and will be simply be finished up prematurely and their military careers ended.

    For all of the members of the Regiment this has come as a total shock and it would appear that it has also come as a shock to senior Army Officers at Brigade and even higher National level.

    If 33 Signal Regiment was to disband it would leave a massive "footprint gap" in the North West of England and Liverpool in particular, not to mention a loss of 350 posts some full time. It is mentioned in Mr Ainsworth's speech that soldiers will be transferred and accommodated in other units. This is highly unlikely due to the specialist role that we have performed which on the whole would be incompatible with other units in the area, such as Infantry, Medics, Engineers, and Logistics etc, some of the junior in service soldiers may secure alternative employment but for many this is the end of their military career.

    After the announcement it is my understanding that senior Army officers made representation to Mr Ainsworth, asking for time to review his decision, as they disagree with the disbandment of the 3 Regiments in their entirety and favour a broader down size of the Royal Signals establishment across the country. It is our hope that we can maintain a Royal Signal presence in the Liverpool area by saving 59 Squadron.

    This decision to disband the Regiment simply does not make sense when you look at some of the achievements of the Regiment and my Squadron in particular.

    Ø One of the top recruited Squadrons in the Country

    Ø Regularly sends soldiers on operational tours, Iraq, Afghanistan, Balkans, Cyprus

    Ø High profile in the community supporting large events annually, Veterans Day, Remembrance Sunday Parade, Walton Military show, Southport Veterans show, Southport Air show etc.

    Ø Thousands of pounds raised annually for charity, over three thousand pound last year for Royal Liverpool Hospital, cancer research.

    Ø Support for local Army Cadet Force

    Further time has been granted for alternative options to be explored, one of them being down sizing the Regiment to a Squadron size and maintaining a "Footprint" in the Merseyside area.

    Could I call upon your support and ask that you intervene in whatever way you see fit and offer your support to the Regiment, its soldiers and families, many of whom live in the Liverpool area.

    If you require any further information or background details then please do not hesitate to contact us.

    59 Signal Squadron
  2. Put this phrase into your psykie and use it at all times when dealing with military management. Cut now consequences on someone elses tour in this office!! Synical after 36 years in a green suit [reg & TA] no just a realist.
  3. Better to put your efforts into finding a new unit.

    There is little sadder in this world than watch old soldiers trying to fight with the utmost sincerity what is, ultimately, a losing battle.
  4. Thanks for your support..!
    Do not under estimate old soldiers the Gurkhas have won their battle and the TA RS have a chance to save there Sqn's. We understand there will be cuts what where fighting for is to keep a RS TA presence in Merseyside. The easy option is to walk away and go to another unit, but that is not our style.
  5. I'm pretty sure there will be a R SIGNALS TA presence in Merseyside. Fear not!
  6. You poor deluded pie scranner ! Thats like comparing a Sopwith Camel with an F16 :D

    Why dont you all barricade yourself in your main building and go on hunger strike, that should buy you about 2 years :D

    You c*nts have bitched and moaned from day one about this, is it the thought of losing the cosy existence you now have or is it the thought of having to play to someone elses fiddle at a new unit/capbadge that stings ?
    Your closing is imminent, vital resources generally stay open, end of, I refer you to the pandemonium that broke out when Royal Marines Poole was earmarked for closure in the 90's.
  7. [/quote]

    The TA are fcuked, the government couldn't care less.

    That would be why they lads found out via the local rag, not the CoC, and of course, the units to be cut were found on the strength of the equipment they "nominally" maintained... not their strength or commitment ot ops which generally didn't utilise PTARMIGAN....

    That last paragraph translates to me as "shut up, and let us cull you in peace".
  8. RS TA? Is that the Liverpool Scottish?

    I take it MilOrg is no longer taught by the amount of people who seem incapable of grasping the simple concept...

    Royal Corps' of Signals = Royal Signals = RSigs/RSignals.

    Royal Scots = RS.

    Might make the arguement to keep the unit open a bit more clearer.
  9. Also bullshit, Falcon Inc 4? wasn't funded and in this climate their's no chance. We still have a national footprint, only one Sqn is needed in 42 Bde's area and that is in Manchester/Blackburn. It did not make sense to have a regiment - which would only produce one Det for UK Ops.

    The change has been done, 59 may have a slim chance of becoming a troop part of 42.