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59 Commando


any roads its 24 regiment now or something. typical, i get out and they enlarge the squadron in a shrinking army meaning more postings for cdo trgnd sappers. i might have made it to sgt

then again doubtful

The branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the colon, rectum, and anus???

That could be a broad spectrum of anything to do with ARRSE, not just cabbage heads :)
24 sounds crap. bit like stating even numbers. at least when 59 was added to the id no of 131, 17, it made 1759, the date on a can of guinness.coincidence? i think not
We done some section tests back in the late eighties, one of the tasks's was to change a big uck of wheel on some bit of engineering equipment some guy from 59 Kenny Norg**e done it in record time..the only problem he had all of the wheel nuts on back to front...coin the name

'NUTS NORG**E' this nick name stuck like shit...iam sure he hated it lol

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