59 commando Sqd RE Falklands

Does anybody have any info on this chap
Sapper P. K. GANDHI
he was KIA in the Falklands.
I remember his death because he was buried and then had to be dug up and cremated by the Gurkhas because he was a Hindu.


The reason I ask is because an uncle of mine in the Indian army mentioned it to me.

Any Info ?????
There was an article in an Indian newspaper on 1st April about how Goosey was the only Hindu who was in the Falklands and the only on Asian to die in Battle.


It went along the lines that the British would never remember him.

I replied that Goosey was a Sapper first and would always be remembered as such by his Sapper Brothers in Arms. etc...

I only new Goosey from our trade course times at Chatham, and was fkin gutted when he was killed in action.

I spoke to Ginge Mac sometime later and he explained he never felt a thing which gave me some comfort.

I was also priviledged on remembrance day in 2001 to be the guest of honour at the memorial on Sapper Hill, all the Sappers on the Role of Honour will be remembered for ever.

FFS just done a wee search and the Calcutta Telegraph actually posted my epitaph to Goosey albiet 3 weeks after I put it in.


Sapper remembered

Sir — In “Sapper’s Song” (“Eye on England”, April 1), Amit Roy has wondered if Sapper Pradeep Gandhi will be remembered as the only Asian Hindu to be killed during the Falklands War. Goosey, as we called him, would have laughed at this. I first met him at our Royal Engineers’ Depot in Chatham when we were on our artisan courses, and he was a great lad. He was a soldier first, then a Sapper. From Chatham, he went on to complete his commando course with the Royal Marines at Lympstone and was awarded his coveted Green Beret. He was then posted to 59 Commando Squadron Royal Engineers in Plymouth, and soon deployed to the Falklands. His unit immediately dug into the peat hillside for better protection from the Argentinean Sky Hawk Jets strafing the Bay. During these attacks, you were as likely to catch a bullet from one of your own, with so much fire going into the air. Goosey was big and strong, and had his machine gun up defending his mates and firing at the aircraft. It was during one of these attacks that a bomb dropped close to his fighting position and Goosey was buried under a load of peat.

He was quickly attended to and his head and face were uncovered. As another attack came in, his helmet was placed over his head to offer some protection. When the attack was over, Goosey was dug out of his fighting position. Unfortunately, he had died during the previous attack. His name, besides being on the main memorial, is also on the Royal Engineers’ Memorial on the top of Sapper Hill overlooking Port Stanley. Goosey won’t be remembered as an Asian Hindu, he wouldn’t want to be, he will always be remembered as a Sapper and a friend.

Yours faithfully,

D Mac,Hertfordshire, UK
Thanks for all the info.


The article in that Indian newspaper Calcutta Telegraph is typical of a communist rag, that particular news paper is reknowned for it. I am sure that he will be remembered, by his collegues, and Unit.
My uncle was remembered by his officers in the British Indian Army.

Sapper Ghandi is a bit of a mystery figure to me.
The reason I remember him was because of his sir name, when people think of Ghandi, they think of the bloke in the film with sandals and walking stick.

I have visited the SAMA82 website quite frequently and their is no photo of him even though the notes say that his family will shortly be providing one.

Maybe they were never keen on him joining and just want to block it out.
Also Ghandis are from a part of India (Gujarat) where people are not known for their martial skills, they tend to go into the proffessions and business.

The army is not really considered a good career choice amongst the Indians in the UK, though supprisingly in India it is regarded as one of the best !

Do you know if there are any pictures of him, none appeared at the time ?

I remember my mum lit a lamp for him at her temple.


I haven't got any pics of him but I'm sure the 59 Cdo Sqn lads from that era will have some.

I remember a lone grave at San Carlos with a temporary marker and Asian name. (Am I right on this or is my memory playing games with me?????)
It was quite near our HQ and I remember walking past on my way upto our Rapier sub after R&R. Our sub was the only one at 850 feet, I think, within walking distance of the cottage Sigs HQ. We were later put on Chancho Point.
The grave stuck in my mind because of the name and it being alone.
I always think of it whenever anyone asks about or mentions San Carlos.
He was obviously a well thought of and a cracking lad.
I was on the Galahad at the same time,--on the night/day of the landings.
Whilst everybody seemed to be having few beers or/and playing cards on the run in to San Carlos--(no shit)---he was writing a letter---says a lot for him.
Maybe we heathens,did not have the bottle to do that!

R.I.P. Sapper Gandhi

and Cpl Mick Melia.(Goose Green)

He(Sapper Gandhi) was killed with Marine McAndrews, from 40cdo,in a trench at San Carlos.

(computer probs)--(Pissed)
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Sorry for dragging this one up again, after so long. (Just noticed Snagy has brought it onto my radar through 'alerts')
I was just wondering if there was a sprog RE type by the name of Derry Ev(e)ritt. He was in the Falklands but was killed in Canada in October, 1985.
What other RE units could he have been with?
I think he may have been a late arrival to the proceedings.

Just wondered if anyone remembered him, the little gobshite.
30 Field Squadron RE
Killed in Canada while setting a bridge up for blowing up while simulating enemy action in an exercise.
I have been in contact with Derry's sister and she will be applying for his extended period SAM, landing in August 1982.
He has no marker apart from the National Arboretum and grave in Aldershot, so we are arranging for a memrial plaque to be placed either in the local church or at the school, he, his sister, his friends and I attended in the mid 1970's.

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