59 Cdo Sqn RE

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by muhandis89, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. We love you-really we do!! Bars ,of all sorts,are a tradition in The Corps!!!
  2. Glorified navy bum boys!

    Still better than 39 though. Don't get me started on them tin kicking fcukers!
  3. it seems there is no drunk or sober in 59, only levels of drunkardness!
  5. only if you push back. :roll: :wink: :roll: :wink:
  6. Greasy, trust you to talk about GAYNESS, does thatg mean they are happy?
  7. That never made sense to me! In my mind, anyone who was prepared to push forward was always the chutney locker raider! Pushing back could be a sign of struggling?????? I dont know! Ask a Marine perhaps???????
  8. No......just out and out gaybar loitering homs!
  9. Soldiers sent home for stripping
    Eight Devon-based soldiers could face disciplinary action after being forced to return home from Norway for inappropriate behaviour.
    The men from 59 Commando Squadron Royal Engineers, based at Chivenor, were arrested after stripping naked and urinating on each other in public.

  10. One thing is for certain. They are going to get whupped in the Army Minor Units Challenge Cup Semi Final next week.

    C'mon 1 RMP :D
  11. When are civvy's ever going to realise that soldiers are not 'normal' people?? :?

    Probably because you'll arrest them before the match because they dont have creases in there shorts!!

    "After a while they starting getting undressed. They were dancing about and shouting 'Ooh, ah, naked bar'.

    Respect to the cabbage heads - i think thats mint!!
  12. Fat Chance RMP, your Pussies!

  13. I thought this is what the all arms coddoddo course was all about.(and how to use soap :) )
  14. Their most famous OC Maj R McD just had his 60th in the US.Maybe the lads in Norway were celebrating that????