58 webbing needed

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by troopermorgan, May 12, 2006.

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  1. Hi all

    Does any know where i can obtain a 58. webbing, and a welsh guards beret!

  2. Planning on taking some pictures? 8)
  3. PM me for the webbing if you are serious I found brand new set of 58 Patt in my loft when I moved - think it was my original issued set when I joined - had my own and used it for spares that never was!

  4. Hi Chaps

    Well iv tried my QM but he doesnt do old kit!

    me and some of the chaps are involved with a renactment group! falklands 1980s etc.................

    :lol: yes i know sad!!! but i got pushed into it by other so called mates..........


    or Mogs 68#

  5. i got loads of guards berets you can have one for some beer tokens with no blue red blue flash you dont need one of them
    as they never wore them in the early 80's and im up wellington barracks london most days where the welsh guards are so ill take it up
    to there tailor shop and get them to bang a leek on it as well
  6. sorry chaps....

    where can i get dms boots size 14s wide boot!!!


  7. fcuk me, you really are a webfootted welsh re-enacting cnut aren't you. bach. look you. boyo.