58 respirator case

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by laytonatc, Aug 20, 2009.

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  1. can anyone tell me what the 1 metre lenght of string is for on the 58 resi case
  2. To tie around your leg to stop the thing from bouncing around like a tarts handbag.
  3. waist belt, if not being worn on webbing
  4. I totally wild guess - but is it similar to the war time ones - when wearing it on the chest you tie the string around yourself to keep the case tight against your body?
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Tied against the leg or body, the strap it came with was adequate for wearing, some units insisted on it being worn seperate from webbing ie using the strap and not the belt loop and other units didnt care!
  6. I never knew until long after I left the army why the washing holdall was designed as it was with huge tapes at both ends. Complete mystery. :)
  7. Correct. Works the same when slung over your shoulder when worn without webbing.
  8. I think the reasoning behind it was for walking wounded or PWs to keep their ressies, but not any other kit. PWs are allowed to keep ressies and helmets according to the Geneva Convention/Rules of War if I understand it correctly.

    Don't the spams have a similarly detachable ressie case too?. PLCE current model is easily detachable as well.
  9. Lots of people who need a respirator don't have webbing.
  10. Quite right. Medical personnel in field hospitals springs to mind.
  11. I was told, as many have already alluded to here, that it was to tie around your leg to stop the case from flapping about. It never seemed likely to me, even though I was told that by my uncle who was an NBC instructor. Possibly bollox, but at least that nugget of information allowed me to lose friends and influence no one during training.
  12. Naw, we were all going to be in Colpro, it was the RCT sorry RLC bods who were going to be walking around in all the nasty stuff - so I was assured, anyway! :wink:
  13. It was much more practical not to have the thing on the webbing - and have it around the waist on it's own belt, that way, if you needed to get stuff out (combi pens, NBC1 etc), all you had to do was pull it round to the front, get what you needed, and then sling it back round to the LHS into the gap on your 58 belt you'd cunningly left. Otherwise, I found that you almost gave yourself a hernia trying to get little stuff in and out, especially when masked up. During Granby, HQ 7 Armd Bde, we all carried it separate.
  14. So it's not to hang your racing spoon off then?
  15. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Up until I got posted to Germany,we did'nt get issued webbing (58Pat back then) so a lot of us had to but a webbing belt to put the pouch on.But even when I got to Germany,a lot of us only used the belt with the Resi pouch,2 x Waterbottle pouches & holster on it.
    Pain in the arse when guard duty cropped up because we had to put the skeleton order back together unless,like me,you got hold of some gash webbing! :D