58 Pattern webbing

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by BBear, Sep 2, 2006.

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  1. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    I've been asked by a younger friend of mine to assemble a set of 58 pattern webbing - but I've forgotten how!

    Does anyone have a set of instructions, or know where to get them from? I've lost my old cadet manual so that's no good. I've tried googling but no joy there.

    Thanks! :idea:
  2. Lots of black nasty used to do the trick!
  3. It ain't rocket science!

    (Though this is probably a warrh)

    The belt goes around your waist (let's start with the basics), ammo pouches on either end, (don't mix the left with right 'cos you might aswell biro 'twat' on your forehead if you do).

    Water bottle next on what ever side you want, kidneys at the bag, poncho roll clips on either above or below them. Yoke attaches to ammos at the front and the belt at rear somehwere around the kidney clips.

    But why on earth are they after 58?
  4. When it's all fitted run throught the undergrowth and remind yourself of the good old days of snagging and being really uncomfortable! Stick a KF shirt on for more effect, pref. a new one, unshaved! Oh and some puttees, I've a pair unused for 20 years! Tin lid? Oh, you must get yourself one of those woks! With any luck a 'mate' will remove the inner for you leaving you the pleasure of the dancing prod at the top of your head!
  5. you'd be better off binning it or consigning it to a museum & getting some cheap used PLCE mate.
    however, here goes:

    get the belt, adjust to size & take back off.
    lay it on the floor/table, little pouch hook pockets upper most,
    the two metal rings downwards.
    get the yoke, lay it above the belt with the shovel attachment down
    (the inside of the yoke should be facing upwards & the pair of metal c-hooks on each back strap closest to the belt)

    place the metal c-hooks on the yoke into the pockets on the belt, 1 pair either side of each of the metal rings on the belt.
    the yoke back straps should now be fixed to the rear of the belt
    (slightly splayed outwards).

    kidney pouches-place underneath the junction of the rear yoke straps & rear of belt, belt loops uppermost, facing you-you will see you have 2 vertical loops (the belt goes throught these by undoing the loops & refastening, then bend the end of retainer in towards yourself or it will undo itself) & 1 horizontal loop(the rear yoke strap goes under this, refasten, then double the horizontal loop back over & under its metal rings or it will come undone) per kidney pouch .

    Poncho roll - place with the 'pick head holder' on the outside of the roll facing down & the 2 metal clips on top closest to the belt.
    run each metal clip under the vertical belt loop retainer on each kidney pouch & clip onto the metal ring below the rear of the belt.

    by this point, depending how old/used your webbing is, you should have soure hands/fingers from bending & forceing the metal clips around & into the pockets on the belt.
    Phew, with me so far? :? told you you ought to bin it!
    right, I'm off for a brew. TBC. :)
  6. I'll take over...

    [​IMG] + [​IMG] + [​IMG]
  7. 58 Webbing tips

    You can fit several rolled up jazz mags in the poncho roll, and if you sew elastic into the lid of the respirator pouch, you can fit a very small jazz mag (such as Forum or Stroke Letters) into the top and use the elastic to hold the pages open.

    If you have a 349 pouch, you can place a pair of soiled ladies underwear in it. Position the gusset by the opening for the controls so that you can turn your head for an occassional sniff.
  8. DocStab, you left out the bayonet frog ;)
  9. You don't need it - you put your .303 'pigsticker' in the bayonet-holder sewn to the side of your left ammo pouch...
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    When were you issued 58 Patt ?

    I don't understand how do anyone can forget how their webbing goes together, or is this a result of too many South American sherbet fountains ?
  11. I was talking about the SLR bayonet.

    .303 went out before my time - sorry ;)
    :D :D
  13. AH, Memories of my STAB infantry course at ITC Catterick (that was a f###ing dump & anall! :x ) . 2RRW, one of the last battlions in the British Army to have plce issued issue. me & 3 other lads go up with just the issue kit as recruits of course, to a aman every one else in our company had the then new plce - F###ing great! we were visably the slowest all the time. :(
    f###ing '58 patt! :x

    BBear, you and or your mate cadets are yuh to still have this canvas cr#p?
  14. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    It's all he's allowed to wear - apparently he got taught how to but he forgot when they took it all back apart, moron. I want to get it sorted so I can actually teach him!

    Cheers for all the replies, esp' press it! Although I am very tempted to do what Docstab suggests! Bloody nuisance that it is.

    But just wondering - on the kidney pouches; ive attached them to the belt with the fastners and threaded the strip of material through them - but I'm still left with an extra strip and another metal loop. I've threaded the loop onto the 1st strip, and the other strip to the loops on the top of the pouch. Is this correct.
  15. The SLR bayonet scabard fitted into the holder built onto the left side (IIRC) ammo pouch. The other pouch had an Energa grenade pounch on it, though this was commonly used as a KFS pouch.