58 pattern webbing

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by botham569, Sep 1, 2012.

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  1. Hi there, I'm currently an air cadet and I'm wondering if a good set of 58 webbing for £20 is worth it? If not could you reccomend me a place to get plce for a dencent price?
  2. eBay.
  3. Silverman's are asking £39 and I remember paying £20 for a second-hand set 30 years ago, so if it's in good nick and complete I'd say that's not a bad price.

    Of course, 30 years ago it was the latest kit and seemed like luxury compared to 37 pattern :)
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  4. Save your money and get an OKish condition issue used chest rig.

    Loads knocking about cheap.
  5. TBH, '58 pattern was a bit shit, OK a lot shit.
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  6. Maybe you have to have used 37 pattern to appreciate 58.

    Though it's rumoured that when 58 was introduced, RSMs were falling on their pace-sticks in droves at the thought of not being able to give anyone a hard time about webbing being blancoed and brasses polished.
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  7. A lot shit indeed, but 37 was a lot lot shit by comparrison. I had to try both and, for example, when your 37 pattern, metal waterbottle with a cork stopper was replaced by the almost star wars futuristic looking 58 pattern equivalent we thought we were the bees knees, not that we were of course.
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  8. As pants as the 58 patter bottle is it is still remains the best improvised rugby ball issued to any army.
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  9. I've got a few desert assault vests if they're any good to you? Spray them or something. If you want one you can have one
  10. True, I'd forgotten how bad 37 was until reading this thread, 58 was OK and I've still got a belt kit made up of 58 pattern waterbottle carriers. The new kit is however light years ahead of what we had in the "olden days".
  11. No doubt the current stuff makes 58 look like it came of the Ark. Being an old timer, 58 was as new as it got in my day. Same as boots really I guess, DMS were what you got, I am sure that if you gave them to anyone serving now they would just ROFL :)
  12. The poor spog only asked if it was worth £20.

    Instead we have a wibbly dream sequence complete with flash backs to the days before balistic nylon fighting order that doesnt rot, shrink or generaly rub you raw like dry humping a patch of sexy looking tarmac.

    Take a seat young man while we break out the BATCO wallet.
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  13. Good point. Yes.
  14. Well isn't that what ARRSE is all about?
  15. Agreed, maybe ARRSE might be more pointed if it were renamed Dad's ARRSE.