58 pattern rucksack

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by HarryPalmer, Nov 24, 2007.

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  1. http://www.arrse.co.uk/wiki/%2758_pattern

    The large pack, however, was an abomination, sent by Mephistopheles himself to torture the human race for something or other. In the first place, it wasn't particularly large, having the carrying capacity of a decent sized supermarket shopping bag. Secondly, it wasn't remotely waterproof or even water resistant. And thirdly, it attached to the yoke of the webbing via four poxy straps with hooks on the end, rather than having its own shoulder straps.

    Aha! Suspected it all along, nice to have it confirmed.

    The whole human race? Perhaps in the mists of time, could the British Army have ever done anything to deserve this?

    I do know that the Irish Army were inordinately fond of the bloody thing for some reason or other.
  2. enslave india bits of africa and australia :twisted:
    so thats abo and maori shamans
    african witch doctors
    and all sort of indian mystics
    the list of suspects is long
    personally I blame the french :twisted:
    it was utter garbage.
  3. the poxy straps with hooks at the end, if memory serves where regularly cut off and the hooks threaded onto rifle slings to make excellent 'rapid fit' rifle slings.

    Lazy l know, but they were quite gucci.... lol
  4. My personal favourite parts of the large pack; using the very edge of the buckles on the straps to try and secure your precious kit in the not so volumous interior, and packing your sleeping bag in a high tech black bin-bag to try and keep the bloody thing dry!!!

    God bless Karrimor/Berghaus etc :D
  5. seen the odd student using one with proper straps as a haversack always looked at me strangely when I stated laughing
  6. You have to admit though, it was just the right size for keeping the rest of your webbing in though !!! Never used it for anything else pefering my trusty roc, twenty years later still one of my best buys and doing sterling service on the streets of london.

  7. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    58 pattern large pack - probably the worst bit of kit ever issued. Common belief in the 60's was that it was designed by a woman!!!

    It was a barsteward when advancing to contact, coming under effective fire, getting down and having to get the pack off your back without showing yourself. Fecking hated that bit of kit.

  8. Or trying to crawl with the sleeping bag forced into the back of your head.

    I saw everything tried to improve it: fitting padded rucksack straps, improvised internal frames - everything failed. Completely defied all attempts to improve upon it's complete uselessness.
  9. We were still using the bloody thing in basic training in 1995 You would get a kit list of the training staff to take on exercise that was as long as your arm and a large pack that clearly wasnt large, used to wear as much clothing as possible to take as much as possible. diving into the prone position only to have the bloody thing flip over your head. Putting NI gloves between the straps and your shoulders because it cut into you.
    Thanking the lord I didn't join the infantry.
  10. Falling into a bog on Dartmoor during an exercise and watching the webbing, pack and everything in it grow 4 times in size with all the water it sucked up. Then trying to get up and carry on with a 1 ton sponge on your back :x
  11. But it was character building :D

    well that's what I was told :x
  12. Great fun when you added the entrenching tool to the back and tried to get into the prone position, hours of fun and games....
  13. Thats right not to bad if you got a pick but a pain(quite literally) if you got the spade.
  14. In the early 90s this was still issued to all troops in training at JLR camps, I have fond memories of my kit getting heavier the more it rained and the mud that managed to grind itself into the material. I also loved the way all the sharp metal bits used to cut in when your hands were frozen and trying to fix that poxy webbing set with the stupid C hooks.
  15. Or using a builders rubble sack that took up even more room.
    We where once told not to put the top straps through the loops on the yoke in case we had to ditch the pack quickly, LIKE IF IT CAUGHT FIRE!!!!.
    Lo and behold if that very thing didnt happen on final exercise of basic to one of the platoon. NCOs seen exiting stage right with bottle of meths!!.