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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by blonde_guy, Nov 30, 2010.

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  1. I recently was given some odd pouches, what I presume are 58 pattern ones. Most of them were easily identifiable, but one was a bit odd.

    It was a pouch about the size of a WB pouch, but contained a big old foldable saw, with screw in wooden handles. Were these issue, and who exactly got them?
  2. like this one?

  3. if it was the one in the picture i had one on the CES of my Samson back in the good old 1980's
  4. It's a Farrers Patent folding saw.
  5. That is indeed the one!
  6. As per befeater. We had them on CES issue on our ARV's.

    I recall that the blades were often rusted solid, in a tightly packed circle never to be unfolded or used.
  7. Were these to be used for the removal of branches, small trees etc when moving in to a wooded area?

    IIRC we, R Signals, had saws for this purpose in our Mob stores back in the 80's. Of course being R Signals we did not bother with the manual saws. Oh no, we had effing great chain saws. Deadly! However it kept the CO in firewood!

  8. So I'm guessing the pouch wasn't meant to be fitted to a webbing belt? What years are we talking about?
  9. Still part of the Light Gun and AS90 CES in the Gunners, although i suspect never used.
  10. My years were between '76 - '89 and as I said they were a rusty lot even then.