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58 pattern plus Dennison smock


Hi folks, I know its a long shot but I am on the lookout for an original dennison smock and a 58 pattern web belt please, thanks


Hi folks, I know its a long shot but I am on the lookout for an original dennison smock and a 58 pattern web belt please, thanks

Surplus stores, and other "camping" shops.

Or if you have a trouble finding 58 pattern belts, I managed to get one from a cadet detachment as cadets are issued with them still and alot have over stock!


You do realise that an "Original " Denison will relieve you of Hundr£ds, if you can find one that someone will part with?


Yes m8 I know, blimey had about half a dozen at one time, just got the hankerring to have one again, but really dont want to spend that much, spose that sums it up, not going to get one HEHEHE , cheers for your interest thouh m8

1971 is not original Denison.

1971 pattern is about 3rd or 4th generation, with that 2-colour camouflage on a snad-colour fabric (sas worn on Bloody Sunday)

Original Denison smock is 1940s vintage, donned over the heed like a jumper, with a zip extending no lower than the breastbone. Later WW2 models had a full-length zip, but all had cam in a rather interesting selection of autumnal shades applied as though with sweeping motions using a big creosote brush to a fabric in a kind of tobacco-yellow-hue (see A Bridge Too Far to get the picture).

I'm pretty sure you would be able to find replicas, and I'd advise hunting down a re-enactor group (there are a couple that specialise in Walting around as WW2 paras) for the where to buy info.

They were finally replaced in the 80s (IIRC) by the smock parachutist, in DPM, which was klilled off when Cbt 95 came in.


Gallery Guru
Ek se !!!

He's getting £ 180 for a smock ?

I think I'm ready to part with my collection then ...

These guys do a repro version (look under British WWII - Clothing - Smocks) for £99.99

Some of the early 50's Belgian, over-the-head para smocks do look similar to the 1st pattern British Denison. More green shades than the 2nd patt that had lots of a maroony type colouring. They (the Belgian ones) go for around £45. There's a German dealer on ebay knocks them out and in some bigger than dwarf sizes too. I'd post a pic but my work comp' can't go to ebay. They are made of cotton drill and have a half zip and are not to be confused by the more common ones with zip and press stud front opening and made of a zeltbahn / shelter quarter type cloth. Nor the later brown/ yellow jigsaw pattern ones.

I used to have 8 or 9 originals at one time. When the prices went up ridiculously, i would flog one every year and use it to pay for a large chunk of the summer holiday. £600- £700 each !! Just got the one WW2 and one '59 patt now. Not like you're gonna wear one down t' High St is it ? Even the '59 patt ones have more than doubled in price in the last year or two.

As has already been said, there's finally some good repros around now but again would you be prepared to become an airsoft walt or re-enactor just to have a legit' excuse to wear one ?



Hi m8, yea I know they have gone beserk, had a few some years back but angry wife torched them, actually I dont know about being a walt, but dog walking for me m8

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