58 Pattern (Or Earlier ) GPMG Sling

Even for me this is a tad obscure:

IIRC and the badly taken 'photos go some way to prove it the '58 ( Or earlier) Pattern GPMG Sling (The one used before that nylony, strappy, thingy, with the QD buckle that was supposed to allow gunners to pull the weapon away from a compromised firing position with more ease (Durch) ) was of sufficient length as to allow the GPMG to be carried across the body and held at the ready at waist height on the right hand side of the firer.

The idea being that the sling when so used allowed for greater control (notionally) to be exercised over the weapon when firing from the hip.

I've had a look through my reference sources in order to discover the correct length of this bit of kit and the only details I've been able to come across refer to Bren Slings that measured out - depending upon pattern, to either 52 or 54 inches. Trouble is, both of these are too short in order to sling the GPMG as I have described.

Any ideas of the nomenclature/pattern of the bit of kit I am referring to as I want to get one as a gizzit for Son No 1 Mk 1 who is nearly as warry as me, well, me at a certain point in my history anyway.

Thanks in advance for any ideas or information.
PM sent. I think. Bit of an IT muppet.

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