58 pattern belts

I'm looking for somewhere that stocks sensible sizes of 58 belts, all the ones I can track down on fleabay and so on seem to be for utter fatties who are unlikley to be found in the armed forces outside of the raf police.

Does anyone have a clue?

Gungythree said:
The 58 pat belt is ajustable :roll:

Don't confuse the poor boy! :twisted:


Gungythree said:
Alsacien said:
Gungythree said:
The 58 pat belt is ajustable :roll:
Aye - but there were some that were big enough to use for a pack lift :D
Yeh but the same one could be made to fit a snake :D allegedly
Must have been the same blanket stacker that issued my kit in basic that I was meant to "grow into" - FFS I needed tent poles and roll mats 3 months later to make it "fit" me.

IIRC there was a special extra large belt for senior sloppy's and RP Sgts... :?

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