57mm Naval gun - any land applications.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by EX_STAB, Sep 21, 2007.

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  1. This "new" 57mm Bofors gun is being introduced by the US Coastgaurd.
    Could this provide a capability between Rarden and the old Scorpion 76mm gun?

    Might not fit on a CVR(T) but could perhaps be used on its replacement.

    Edit - ah just watched it again - it's huge! Nevermind!
  2. I was gonna say. You would need an 18 wheeler and don't shoot from the flank. Also, you would need another to haul the ammo.
  3. You're not looking to relieve Ladysmith are you?
  4. Now THAT would be something :D :D
  5. That looks lke one hell of a F-Off bit of kit for the coastguard.
  6. The US Coastguard is a branch of the armed forces. Their role is more like that of a coastal naval force rather than the police/rescue type role performed by the coastguard in most other countries. They do the type of work that is done by Royal Navy patrol craft in the UK, Cyprus, South Atlantic etc.

    I think a fair part of their work involves dealing with drug runners off the southern coast of the USA - hence the need for potent weapons.

    Here is an example of what the US Navy classes as a F-Off weapon:-

  7. LOL! Suppose I asked for that. Mind you that bofors still seems excessive for dealing with smugglers. Still I supose it is better to be over-equiped than under-equiped.
  8. As Slim once said, "there is nothing wrong with using a sledgehammer to crack a nut if you have a sledgehammer, and don't care what the nut looks like afterwards!"
  9. Superb quote!

    Any source for it?
  10. Source? Source? What happened to reading posts properly ffs!! :?

    I thought he'd given the source... SLIM ... as in Bill Slim I take it, certainly sounds like one of his!! :roll:
  11. I meant where and when did Bill Slim say it? Was it apocryphal or is their good evidence that he said it?

    I can think of a very "well known" Montgomery quote that isn't true...