57 Naked Calendar

Does anyone have a copy of the now “infamous” ’57 squadron naked calendar? I have been trying to track down a few of the phots – especially “naked motorbike” and “naked ops room”. A link or scaled down JPEGs would be top for morale over here in the sandbox.


Should that not be calendars!!

I have THEM in front of me now, but would suggest you contact the photographer if possible. If you get his permission, I'd gladly host/post for you.


I take it you are particularly after March and April in the Millenium edition of the calendar :D



copyright possibly still RJV,MF
(only 2 small pics to stay on the 'goodside' pending permission)

Take Care out there,


As a member of the “naked ambulance” crew I hope that “intellectual” copyright owners will be up for releasing some of the links - very close hold of course...after all the investigations are probably still pending!

GH (Mr June?),

That will be the July picture!

I think I would have had to have been the guy in the back of the ambo lying face down!! :wink:

If you can remember the photo, the worst position must have been lying on the stretcher which was on the floor!! 8O


(p.s. I don't think the pics will be on a server anywhere...yet.)
Slightly strange that blokes are after a copy of an all bloke naked calandar!?! whatever floats you boat suppose...
As the poor bloke in the ambulance, it did take a lot of concentration to get out after the photo had been taken.

It would be good to see the whole collection again
I'm still scarred by the sight of the Ginga blokes bits - my doctor says that I have to confront the scary images to move on!
Also for ref Flasheart the "naked ambulance" was the only bird inclusive phot in the bunch. Obviously they were pretty ropey but that's another story!

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