57 Bty Reunion

Ive just heard that 57 battery are currently updating their ex-member database and are having a reunion over the 19th & 20th March. For further details contact 32regtra-57bty-bsm@mod.uk

I'll post more details when I know them
57 (Bhurtpore) Battery RA are updating our ex-member database as it is very thin on the ground and we would indeed in the near-ish future like to hold a reunion for all ex-members of the Bty.

The reunion slightly tipsy is on about is a 32 Regt RA reunion, the following info is from RAA net:

There will be a 32 Regt Reunion on 19/20 Mar 08.

In outline it will consist of Reunion Dinners in Officers' and Sergeants' Messes on the 19th Mar 08 followed by a Parade and Fork Buffet/Bar on the 20th Mar 08.

As this is essentially a farewell to Phoenix Parade, any ex-members of 18 (Quebec) Battery, 22 (Gibraltar) Battery, 42 (Alem Hamza) Battery, 46 (Talavera) Battery, 57 (Bhurtpore) Battery, 74 Battery (The Battle Axe Company) or Wksps 32 Regt RA who have served in a Phoenix Battery or in 32 Regiment whilst they have been equipped with Phoenix, are invited to attend with guests.

If you wish to attend and have not already received a proforma for this event please send your details to:

Regimental Reunion
22 (Gibraltar) Battery RA
32 Regiment RA
Roberts Barracks

Please pass this on to any Ex-Members who are not net-literate.
57 (BHURTPORE) BTY RA will be holding a Reunion/Pre tour function on Sat 6 Sept 08 in Salisbury, Wilts. All Ex-members are welcome to attend please contact the Battery on 01980 845055 (during working hours) or email 32regtra-57bty-bsm@mod.uk and this will be passed onto the organiser.
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