57 Bhurtpore Battery Reunion

I see that there is a reunion planned for current and ex members of the Battery who worked with Phoenix. I was wondering if anybody would be interested in a reunion for those of us who served with 57 but were mere Drone Ops / Surveyors / Soundrangers / Meterologists??

I served from '83 to '97 and have been talking with other ex beanies about putting something together so we can all get together for a few beers. I have had Friends Reunited create a 57 Battery Group so please pass on to any ex members that it's there. The problem I'm facing right now is tracking people down. So, if any ex 57 out there would like to get in touch through this website or friends reunited I would be only too happy to compile a contacts list and put people in touch.

Any ideas for venues etc would be greatly appreciated too.

Let me know.
Would that include those lowly, not worthy to mention, attached members who served on Granby? eg PPIF ?
If so I would be happy to attend - Dutch, where are you?

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