562 (V) RLC/REME 151 Tran Regt 60th Reunion 23/24 JUNE 2007

562 are hosting a 60th birthday/reunion bash 23/24 June 2007. :D
At the old homestead, in the new and shiny T.A.C :cry:

All 562 REME old boys are to contact

Capt W P Theobald MBE (PSAO)
Southall Bridge
Uxbridge Road
t/p 0208 571 5001
email 151tptegtric-562-psao@mod

£20 per head ticket entry only
Rumour control says BEER is at 1947 prices George Boeg (ex Queens)Is the British army's oldest serving Cpl and is 100 years old this year :lol:
ps they will also run a bus from TAC 5th May for Army Navy Game @ Twickenham contact psao.
I hope someone turns up? :lol:
OZ ex workshop

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