562 RASC/RCT/RLC REME etc (V) 60th Reunion 23/24 JUNE 2007


562 RLC are hosting a 60th birthday bash at the old homestead.

In the new and shiny (YUK) T.A.C. 23/24 June 2007 :thumright:

All old boys RAMC RCT RLC REME ACC RAPC WRAC etc etc are to contact

Capt W P Theobald MBE (PSAO)
Southall Bridge
Uxbridge Rd
UB1 1PN T/P 0208 571 5001 e mail 151tptegtric-562-psao@mod.uk

£20 per head and a good time promised for all?
They said that for camp 1982 Sennybridge. Nightmare in Cymru! :thumbdown:
Is Sgt Frost ACC still in charge of catering with the Biafran army ration packs?
rumour is that beer is at 1947 prices :numberone: and Cpl George Boeg is 100 years old this year. Hopefully a recruiting Sgt and the Kings shilling will not be present.

Rick Stevens, (Trog) Steve Treanor Chunky Brin me and more workshop bods will be on parade.

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