56 and fcuked

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mexeman, Aug 17, 2012.

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  1. Having reached this obviously ancient age, did my short ( but great) service
    have anything to do with my worn out shoulders, worn out knees (especially my knees) and my sometimes painful hips? I want to know so I can assess my options on whom to sue.
  2. The symptoms you describe display a career of having One's head up the bosses arse.
  3. Ring Phil Shiner - he'll sort you out.

    You sound like just the sort of self pitying chancer he loves to represent.
  4. Anything could have caused all that. You could have lived in a flat on the 30th floor and the lifts never worked. You could have been in a car crash, it could be because you smoke and/or drink too much, or you could be a weak cunt that wants to blame everyone else. I suspect the latter. Thats the problem in todays Britain, people need to blame someone else and try to sue people because they fucked it. Stop being a pathetic cunt and sort yourself out.

    FFS, its the fuckin NAAFI
  5. Au contraire, mon ami, just a loose wish to blame somebody besides myself!
  6. You could always respond to one of those TV adverts.... "Have you had an accident...!"

    I used have regular 'accidents' in my skiddies after coming home form the NAAFI bar, the Pub or the Corporals Mess after an evening on the Wee....... Perhaps I could sue Scottish & Newcastle Breweries.....?? I never could make it to the Khazi....

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  7. 30th floor? I'm not a council dweller! Just a normal Joe wishing to blame someone else for my later life misfortune! My current state is no doubt due in no small part to my pissing it up and general disregard for my wellbeing. But, in the spirit of of Blame Britain who do I sue?
  8. Who to sue? B&Q of course, for selling you dodgy garden furniture.
  9. Sue yourself. You'll win. The defendant is a right twat.
  10. As you took the Queens shilling you would have to sue HRH for all your woes or just man up to old age like the rest of us oldies:soldier:
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  11. Don't forget to get your meds when you see your doc today. ;-)

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  12. ehwhat

    ehwhat Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Nothing like a youngster whinging. 56?! Wait until you get some real age on. Growing old isn't for the faint of heart.

    Of course if you are all done, you could choose the alternative. Switzerland is quite inexpensive if you have a mind and need someone to hold your hand. Or you could grow a few and follow the bloke in his scooter off the cliff. Just don't traumatise the rest of us who actually are old, still like to walk the cliff paths and haven't gone tits up.

    Better yet count your blessings, suck it up and carry on.

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