550 men at Shorncliffe need your help - 4th August 2014

Dear all,

The Shorncliffe Trust are running a project to mark the 100th anniversary of the start of WW1 on 4th August 2014.

The "Great and the Good" of Folkestone are marking the start of WW1 with a big knees up and the unveiling of a Mcdonald's style arch to celebrate the start of WW1. The bill for this has exceeded £500k so far.

But is seems that the real men of Shorncliffe are not to be included on the day and have been banned from the march past Prince Harry as they powers that bee don't see the relevance of our group to proceedings, even though we were going to be represented by the parents of a Rifleman buried at Shorncliffe who fell on operations in Afghan.

The Shorncliffe Trust believe that the focus on that day should be on those that fell during the Great War as well as telling the story of all the men that have served at Shorncliffe since 1796 to the present day and though there are many events happening in Folkestone on that day, the actual men that are buried at Shorncliffe are not being recognised.

Please can you help us get their story out to the world, that the Shorncliffe Trust has not forgotten them and that we are working hard to secure the WW1 trenches and the land around the Military cemetery and create a heritage park and education centre nearby, so future generations will know of their story.

I have attached a leaflet on the event and your support will help us make this event a memorable legacy to the 550 men from Britain, Canada, Australia, China and the Commonwealth on the 4th August 2014.

Please read the attached flyer and forward to your friends, family and ex Shorncliffe veterans.

Best wishes, Chris Shaw, Chairman, Shorncliffe Trust


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