Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Bloodaxe, Apr 22, 2006.

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  1. Hey everybody,

    what's the story with the BARB exam? On all the websites and all the Careers info it says you need to score 55 or more. I went on the Army Careers Chatline and they confirmed it WAS 55. I scored 59 yet the recruitment officer said i needed 60. He's booked me in to do it a second time but he must be wrong. Isn't he? Although I did turn up a few minutes late for the exam - perhaps he was pissed off maybe? Should I ask him or just go along and take the exam again? I'm not sure as the officer did seem like a cool bloke.

    I'm doing a postgraduate degree and I've got good A-levels and GCSEs. He's seen my BA degree certficate but I can't find my GCSE/A-level certs. Could that be the reason?
  2. A degree is no indication of intelligence or common sense as some of my soldiers are testament to! Seriously, a lack of exam certificates shouldn't hold you back. Ask to do a resit.
  3. The Int Corps BARB score is 55 though 60 is the prefered score for most Int Corps jobs,

  4. F*ck it - give him a chance. If he doesn't perform - execute him behind the bike sheds.
  5. You were given a chance. And look what a fine upstanding individual you turned in to. It goes to prove that it is character building.....!
  6. Stop it, you're embarrassing me....!

    Hang on, I've never really gripped sarcasm...............

    My character building took the form of becoming infatuated with lunatic clerks and lesbians and being bullied by the SO2 G2's.
  7. Absolutely agree! The number of well educated F*ckwits that I see churned out of quicksands has got to be a joke! Where have all the sensible people gone? What is the point of having a degree if you can't figure out how to put up a 9x9??

    As for BARBS and things, I thought they were used by fishermen.....

  8. Forget the 9x9's, what about operators doing some 5x5x5's? The police / civilian agencies version of the grading system. Its about time the army started looking to update its passage of intelligence!
  9. Can you PM me and elaborate?? Or you could use one of Alexander Graham Bell's finest and call me!
  10. Sod graduates! 5 GCSEs, 2 years failed college, 2 years barwork experience and 74 on the BARB (I did have a few jars before the test). That is how you get in the Corps! Bar experience is more helpful!!!!
  11. 5 O Levels, 2 years failed college, 6 months on the dole...straight in.
  12. I'm sure I could win this one, I'm certain the recruiter submitted me for a bet!

    (Realise I am setting myself up for a slagging here by the way)
  13. Just shows that you don't need brains, just a little common sense. Unfortunately, a lot of the highly educated, whether OR's or Officers, have feck all between the ears. Highly suited for the Darkside, but bugger all use as a normal person.


    waits for incoming......
  14. As opposed to your average lightsider, who is bugger all use to anyone. :lol:
  15. In a prison shower block it would be the Lightsiders buggering the Darksiders.