55 MI Coy (V) - Midlands and North West

As the previous site has been well and truly highjacked here is the info as originally stated for those interested:

55 MI Coy (V) based in Stourbridge with detachments in Nottingham and Chorley is recruiting both soldiers and officers.

For more information on the opportunities available to both 'walk ins', transferees and those regulars who have, or are imminently leaving.

Please feel free to PM me or e-mail OR7_555MI@armymail.mod.uk.
Do any Int Corps TA units recruit on a national level? I'm int qualified (from another service) but where I am located in the UK makes it geographically challenging for me to attend drill nights!
Short answer, all (two) of them. Between them 3 and 5 MI cover the whole of the UK, so just ring up the recruiting number (0207 611 3912) and crack on. Don't get too hung up on what the unit nearest to you does, once you're trained (which is co-ordinated at Bn level anyway) various opportunities open up for specialist roles. For instance, some 5 MI bods adminster via their local Coy yet attend specialist Int weekends with 3. The whole 3 vs 5 thing is played as an issue by some but I see it as a symptom of people who don't have a proper job to do at weekends. At working level we all just crack on and have a laugh.

Don't worry about drill nights either, there are some who live such that they can't get in for any and it's not an issue. Weekends are the thing.
Many thanks for that. Do you have a good e-mail address so I can outline my query (when at work there's a lot of nosy buggers so I'd rather e-mail and keep things quiet!)
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