55 MI Coy (V) - Chorley Detachment

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Double_Nickel, Aug 2, 2010.

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  1. The Chorley Detachment of 55 MI Coy (V) is looking for recruits.

    For more information please PM me.
  2. RTC SE is hoping that The Chorley Detachment of 55 MI Coy (V) can send somebody to train their recruits.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    I guess if you PM a random person off the internet then you fail?
  4. bravo bravo - you STILL banging that drum?!?
  5. First Principle of War, CR.

    The drum remains there to be drummed.
  6. Now hang on a minute Bravo, that is bang out of order! You know full well it's the sole right of 3MI not to support RTC SE. I'm sure that 5MI have some northern RTC that they are busy not supporting without having to not support you as well - jesus.
  7. chorley meet altcar
    altcar meet chorlet
  8. I doubt there is much space at Altcar for Chorley based Corps personnel amongst the corpulent bon viveurs already on the Altcar gravy train.
  9. Well then, looks like we should pull people off operational tasking at weekends so they can do a worse job than an infantryman (*) training recruits so that BB can feel smug .....

    Or maybe you should man up and take some pride in the fact that you're supporting ops by generating recruits and you're better at mil skills than some old git from a Corps who practices said skills far, far less ? Just a thought.

    (*) Let's be honest, we're not Rambo. I'd happily sub-contract the entire MATTS experience to people who don't bang on about SLRs, gun groups and how it used to be done in their youth when everyone wore red coats and formed lines.
  10. Londons, 3 PWRR and 7 Rifles still send DS when not tasked for DIE training.

    As Tesco's put it; Every Little Helps: there are plenty of lessons on eg. Standards and Values, BCDT, Health & Hygiene etc that do not actually have to be delivered by steely-eyed Dealers of Death, or even me.
  11. Not everyone wore red coats in those days I'll have you know!
  12. Erm.... that'd be applying intelligence to the problem ..... one TA - Scallie, green slime, rambo, slop jockies, etc
  13. As ever Bravo - seen. Also as ever you are refusing to accept the realities of the levels of deployments/FTRS/ADCs currently undertaken by the MI (V) Bns. As we only ever deploy as individual augmentees or BCRs there is no "formed unit" Op tempo per se - I know that Londons, 3 PWRR and 7 Rifles also provide the same but the majority of your deployments are in sync with reg BNs who put the call out for a certain amount of bodies well in advance - correct? We do not have that luxury. I'm not going to start spouting stats about the current levels of our boys and girls on ops but in short: There genuinely aren't enough spare steely eyed dealers of J2 to provide you with visiting DS at the mo. Also you smell.

    edited to add- Apologies to D_N for being involved (again) in the de-railing of his recruiting effort.
  14. Without wishing to go all handbags; the current OC is MI.

    In all honesty, given the large number of your SUTs we see, I struggle to see why some very J JNCOs could nort be tasked with one weekend per quarter, likewise some not so J NCOs; even the odd Subbie. Nominate a pool of say 4-5 bods, tell them that between them they need to do N weekends over a training year and let them sort it out amongst themselves.

    If they where to be given £1000 per day, use of an Audi R8 and magical sex powers, DS would suddenly be made available.

    The MI - any I know you do a worthy job - cannot be THAT busy.

    Next; does ANY RTC actually want RMP DS? They're invisible as well, the weasels.