55 mi bn (v)

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by adam_c, May 29, 2013.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I was just wondering whether anybody could give me either a contact number for 55 MI BN (V) or details of what night they parade so that I can try and give them a call?

    The reason I ask is because I have been expecting a call from their recruiter for 3 weeks now and just wanted to call him out of courtesy.

  2. I have seen this, but as my e-mail has not been responded to for 3 weeks there is no other way of me contacting them other than phone, and a number is not listed.
  3. It's your first Secret Squirrel test
  4. I would imagine that the recruiter will be reading this soon enough and searching through his list of applicants for an 'Adam C' before tearing your application up and binning it.
  5. Cheers for that, I can now see why so many people are reluctant to post on this forum. All i asked was a genuine question, so any help would be great. Thank you.
  6. Nor is there a 55 MI Bn. He means 55 MI Coy of 5 MI Bn.

    Have you searched this forum for the answer before posting? People tend to ask for TA contact numbers on an infrequent basis on here... and also worth a look through the TA forum.
  7. I have had a look on this forum yes, however I will take a look at the TA forum now.
  8. Edited because I confused my self....

    polar, 38 MI Bn(V) (Sig Int)
  9. sorted. thanks
  10. found it in the TA forum?