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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by notnowbernard, Oct 5, 2009.

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  1. Does it still exist? It was there in the 80's and was based in a gatehouse and right next to a bakery where, every morning, the smell would waft over and we had no option but to go and partake of the bacon butties. :drool:
  2. When did you leave? :?
  3. The answer is no.

    I closed it down in 93 (being the last person left in Bielefeld) whilst the rest of the Section dispersed to the old 51 at Celle and the old 55 at Osnabruck. 5 Sy Coy was absorbed into the new 3 Sy Coy which was an amalgamation of 4 & 5 Sy Coys commanded by the man who is now the Recruiting Chief across the water.

    I was also there in the 80s in the Corps Sy Det from 84-86 and returned to the Section between 88-93.

    Incidentally, you didn't have a cake made for you by a smitten Sgt fro 64 Ord Coy did you ?

    If you know me, pm me to confirm.
  4. oooooh, Highlander Spy, were you my secret admirer!!!!! I was there, piglet, from about 1983 until 1985. Were you?

    Give me some more clues please Highlander Spy. If I can't guess I'll pm you. :blowkiss:
  5. God no - I hadnt even joined up at that point.

    I do know a few on here that would have been there or there abouts and some that would have also been in the 1 Br Corps Int Sect (70 Int Sect)
  6. "God no - I hadn't even joined up at that point" !!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks piglet - for making me feel like an old woman!

    Where are you Highland Spy? - come and make me feel better...... :wave:
  7. Well the clue was in the Corps Sy Det - perhaps a certain fat, ugly and obnoxious (to some) Sergeant who made everyone in the Section jealous because I was getting POHR for a WO1 may ring a bell. I may not have had my Red Merc when you were there but I am positive you were not impressed by me. I was living in the 1 (BR) Corps Sergeants Mess and, if I am right, you were married to a JNCO in 7 Coy. The OC was an ex-RMP with a peculiar habit of not exactly looking at you when he talked. The WO2 in the Section had had a tatoo removed from his right forearm so that he would look right for his commissioning - which never came. The female Sergeant was married to a guy (sadly no longer with us) in 28. There was also a female upstairs, who was at that time married to a truckie from 10 Regt RCT, MJ. Does any of this ring a bell
  8. Yes, yes and yes again. All those clues fit! Do you remember the WO with the removed tattoo had the nickname FISH?

    I need to pm you now for full revelations!!!!!
  9. From what I recall from the depths of my memory, the Sy Sect closed down in early/mid 93. The Sect that was upsatirs took over the remainder of the building and handed that over in late 93. I only know that because I worked upstairs and handed the building over before moving to Dusseldorf.

    As an aside, the buildings are still there, or they were 18 months ago when I was last in the country.

    I remember when the Sy Sect were on AT we took the Sgt Majs (B De L) desk apart and hid it round the building and posted a 'Desk Wanted' notice in the Sixth Sense with his phone number. Cue him back from AT with no desk, getting calls saying 'I understand you're looking for a desk?' How we laughed!
  10. If this site was soundtracked that last post would have sounded almost like cheap German porn! Which fits rather nicely with the "what were you doing in Germany in the 80s" theme! :D
  11. I'm having lunch with the "female sergeant" mentioned above this very afternoon. Small world, eh?
  12. Dubb - me and the female Sgt ended up living in the same town and bumped into each other about 6 years ago for the first time since the 80's. Does that mean you live in our town too??!?!?!?!

    I've pm'd you to see if we know each other.
  13. PMs sent
  14. I remember the incident of the desk very wellbecause the Loser blamed me for being behind the kidnapping. If only he had thought to have looked in the cellar store behind the bar where you Barstewards had left it. I wouldn't have had to undergone the interrogation by him (The Jap Lover) and the other jumped up nutter S***all. They even threatened to put me up in front of the OC 5
  15. Get a room you lot 8O :p
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