54 Squadron/36 Signals

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by looktowindward, Mar 21, 2009.

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  1. Generic ARRSE TA (re)joining question number 153,243. I was in 70 Signals Squadron a few years back (2005) but bailed out while at ATR Lichfield for personal reasons unrelated to the army and had to give it a miss for a while. Was told I'd be welcome back, but I've since moved up to Camby so I guess that's 70 Sigs tough luck. :)

    Found ARRSE a more useful resource than the usual routes last time, so is anyone from 36 Signals, particularly 54 Squadron, about who woudln't mind dropping me a line?
  2. PM enroute.
  3. Hi fella

    Last few months have seen a lot going on but things are getting sorted and it's pretty good, the lads are switched on and the nco's and other staff are top notch. Training weekends are getting better and more of a laugh, come along we don't bite mate
  4. 36 was grand when I was there.
  5. And they have a very shiny new HQ as well, very shiny :)
  6. It was pretty good when I was there :)

    (... and its very good now)