54 Million pounds - How would you save it in year?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr_Bridger, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. That's the exam question set. How much could you save and how?

    To get you started:

    1. Action - Cancel Exercise Spartan Hike
    Savings - £500k
    Pros / Cons - army skill fade on skiing into battle in lycra armed with a .22 rifle

    With your efforts perhaps we can :

    a) Get our soldiers out of accomodation not fit for prisoners and asylum seekers.
    b) Give our soldiers(TA & Reg) the level of training & care they so richly deserve.

    To the faceless wonders in the MoD & main building (refurbished at a £billion pounds???) take note: Values & Standards, Loyalty & Commitment - it's not just a one way deal.
  2. Probably by saving the loose coins from my pocket in a jar on dressing table.
  3. 1. Take Illegals and stick on first plane BACK to country of origin - money saved in detention centres/guards/meals etc

    2. Cut MPs from current number to 1 per county which equals 70and a saving in wage bill of £37,440,000 per annum.

    I believe that will cover it
  4. Easy peasy

    Stop "Fact Finding" visits by politicians.

    MPs Expenses: Pay (limited) Actuals.

    Overseas Aid: Stop giving it to to countries with, say, space programs.

    Job Jobbed. (this should also pay for a nice chunk of our present Gunboat Diplomacy)
  5. Stop paying child benefit, tax credits etc to foreign workers whose kids are not even in this country
  6. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Drink less wine
  7. Cancel benefit claims for everyone with a criminal record under the age of 65.

    Cancel benefit claims for prison leavers who re-offend within 12 months.

    Cancel benefit claims for everyone over 21 who has failed to find a job in the last 24 months.

    Cancel benefit claims for foreign nationals who have entered this country illegaly.

    Basically I'd cancel a lot of Benefit claims.
  8. Sack anyone who's job title includes the words Equality, Diversity, Gender, Travellers etc.

    Remove every tv, dvd player, pc, mobile 'phone and piece of gym equipment used by prisoners, from every HMP. Then sell them.

    Shoot any prisoner who riots(ammo cost less than food, clothing etc :twisted: ).

    Slash and burn Benefits; NO money for anyone who has more than one child. The one thing we are not short of in this country is people. You want a spare sprog, pay for it yourself.

    Asylum seekers; unless they travelled by 'plane from their original country to the UK, they can fcuk off back to the other countries they passed through - Germany, France etc. Sorry, don't care how many of your family were killed or what will happen to you if you go back. Not our problem. :evil:

    ASBO's, Community Service etc is expensive and inefficient. "Low-level" crime and antisocial behaviour to be punished by public birching. The criminals will then have to pay for any medical treatment they recieve. Anyone who is evicted for anti-social behaviour will NOT be rehoused by the Council. They can fcuk off and die in the gutter, where they belong.

    Long-term unemployed will have to carry out menial, humiliating jobs(yes, even worse than working in Tesco 8O )to earn their subsitance-level Benefits. Same for all those "too sick" to work.

  9. What He said.
    A sound policy and I reccomend it to the house.
    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. Bit harsh on those who have twins or triplets, as long as my MP cull is included I can support that
  11. Stop giving money away to other countries. If we want to provide overseas aid we can actually produce and package food and medical supplies and deliver it exactly to where its needed most.
  12. Give plod his job back pre 1980, bin the paper work they are invovled with.
    Bring back national service for the dregs, make sure they go overseas to some real stink hole
    No Money if you dont pay into the system period, so its best you get a job
  13. Cut the number of NHS managers to below the number of NHS beds.
  14. Introduce a concept of "Loyal Subjects" to the crown.

    Loyal Subjects will have earned the right to be considered legitimate. Rights such as the right to vote, have legitimate babies, education, benefits and most important... Loyal Subjects Rights (A bit like Humans rights but better).

    2 years National Military service: (six months training and two operational tours with appropriate leave) will guarentee you Loyal Subject Status and will put you at the top of the list for social housing, free medical care, jobs and child support benefit.

    2 years National Civil service will consist of similar rates of pay as benefits but with perks to the job of doing an apprenticeship (Spelling?) and finishing your service with a trade ready to enter the working world. Expect to do lots of manual labour if your physically able, if not expect to do lots of clerical, desk based work and basically work for professionals in the construction/public sector. However look forward to the perks of being a Loyal Subject upon completion.

    Everyone else can fcuk overseas and search for a better life in some other lefty sh1t hole whilst we repair broken Britain.

    The amount of money saved in benefits alone would cover your £54 Million and leave you with more in change. The long term benefit of having a productive society would save money for years to come.
  15. Easy.

    Stop the TA wasters from training for six months.