54.4 mile run for Combat Stress finished thanks..

Well 15 mins to midnight on Saturday 16 of Feb saw vicky and myself cross the finish line to be greeted by friends and some family after completing the testing 54.4 mile course..

We started at 0900 in Reading and warily set off with just over 200 other folk with no life...

First 10 miles done in two hours next 10 by just over the four hour mark..

Amazing really as we had set ourselves on taking it steady with 3 hours for each 10 miles including resupps with support staff..

So by the time we set off to checkpoint 3 we were nearly 2 hours up on our estimated times. The sight of Windsor Castle was a nice plus point as it meant the end of the leg was under an hour away. The whole route is very scenic im sure, if that sort of thing floats your boat :O)

Checkpoint 3 to four saw the darkness descend and the temp drop to a lowly 0 degrees which in trun would drop to a low of -3 to -4 by the latter stages..

The runtab style we undertook proved a success although by checkpoint four and with 17 miles to go we had both picked up minor painful injuries..

However there was not a chance that either would Jack at this stage so Mr Ibrofen was brought out to help..

As we set off from the final Checkpoint fed and watered we realised that instead of the 17 hours + we thought we would struggle to achieve there was a shot to go sub 15 hours..

This we did and with 15 mins to spare...We recieved our medals took the obligatory fake smile photos and were told we had to climb three flights of stairs to collect out free t-shirts.. Not really worth the pain it took to climb those three flights then the trip back down..

31 Retirees with the winning android in 54.4 miles 7hrs 16 mins.. Slowest over 16 hours...

But the race was done and this morning was pure bliss (not) as my body let me just what damage i had done. :D

So thanks to all those who have supported us both and if you still wish to help us creep over the £5000 mark you can still donate on line at

Once again thanks

Well done the pair of you. Glad to hear you achieved a time well below that planned as well.

Keep your eyes out for my sponsorship request in the future. I'm signed up to Trailwalker 2008 but don't intend starting fund raising until I get the doc's verdict on my knee tomorrow morning!

Once again, well done.
Thanks guys....
To Vicky and Tony
On behalf of all our Veterans I'd like to say a huge thank you and well done for supporting us and raising such a fantastic sum for us which is still growing! Thanks so much for your help and support by organising and taking part in this fantastic event. Congratulations on the Thames Meander!
Best Wishes
Kelita Groom
Volunteer & Community Fundraising Officer
Combat Stress

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