534 quid resettlement grant ,, tight fisted or what

Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by wastedyouth, Mar 29, 2010.

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  1. Whilst musing my future and the relevant grants and entitlements, it became obvious to me that 534 notes is SH£te to put it politly.

    To date i have served 8220 odd days (they were all odd) so i did the math . £534 divided by 8220 days is 0.064 Pence a day. An old boss has 14600 days under his daps ,0.036 Pence a day,,lol,,bloody MPs get £65k

    Well there you go ,, thats is our countries investment in your future. When was the last time the £534 was reviewed , if its been that sum for 10 years then the quality of the courses supplied must have dropped .

    Oh of course , i have to pay up front and then claim it back!!! Its almost a wind up.

    Fekk it , im not claiming it. Sick of jumping through hoops, silly,,perhaps,,but i have my dignity still. Or do i have to hand that in when i dekit. I cant wait to get my life back . :?
  2. Are you sure that's right? My resettlement figure was well over 2k I think.
  3. Hi smudge, 534 is the course grant , and about 1500 to cover food and accomadation , if your entitled, regards
  4. The ressetlement grant is £534.

    However it is possible to go on a 7 week resettlement course for the £534 PLUS all of your subsistance allowance paid to the company which provides accomodation as well.

    There is also your ELC of £2000 per year (for a maximum of 3 claims IIRC and an individual contribution of 20%), then Learning Credits every year.

    In short the figure of £534 is indeed sh1te when viewed on it's own but with a bit of planning and a clued up admin team you can watch the courses roll in!
  5. Stop whinging you tawt, I got fcuk all, no grant, no course, no nothing, apart from sorry we fcuked up! You know what? I did not really care because I knew that I was big enough to not need my hand held on discharge, I was more than capable of taking control of my own destiny.

    If you are not claiming because you have your dignity and all that tosh, then what the fcuk are are you whining about? As for your statement about "your countries investment in your future", fcuk me! You are leaving to a lump sum and a pension paid now, how many other jobs offer that? You are in charge of your own future sonny, now fcuking get a grip and deal with it.

    edited to add; Did I just use the word sonny in a sentence? Fcuk me, must be getting old!

    I just would like to say spunkstain!
  6. I've noticed that every couple of years someone writes into Soldier magazine asking when they're going to review that derisory resettlement grant. Apparently it has been £534 for well over a decade. I would love to have the energy and time to be able to find out exactly how long and then work out how much it has depreciated in real terms. The inevitable answer always comes that that they are looking into it and something will be published soon, which basically translates as "piss off and help yourself because we don't care". They use ELC as an excuse to do absolutely nothing about resettlement. You would get a better deal as a criminal, no doubt at all about it.
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  7. I am off in August to do the PADI Diving Instructor Course for 7 weeks in Egypt, mainly because I plan to live abroad in the future and feel later in my life it may be something I want to do. I'm paying for my 17 year old to do it out of my own pocket at the same time.

    I have managed to convince my IERO that its viable training and can't be done in UK in the timeframe due to unreliable weather and such. I am booked into a hotel with full board, all instruction paid for which amounts to nearly £4500. Thats made up of £534 resettlement grant, 49 days food and accommodation at £79 per day and my SLC of £175 pays for some of my exams. All in I have to pay about £100 for flights and my spending money.

    I have not touched my ELC yet so can use that further down the line. With the ELC, and everything I get for resettlement, it comes out at over £10,000, not a bad package from my point of view and a nice holiday at the end of my time for 7 weeks. Thanks very much is all I'd like to say ;-)
  8. I managed fine with help from CTP and my unit. I fully utilised every penneth from every claim.

    Do your homework before the time and you can course up in many areas and use the grant as a top up.

    As an aside you can buy my NEBOSH off me as I'm not going to use it.
  9. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    As someone mentioned before, you also get food and accomm. I did an Energy Surveying course when I left the mob so I could make Home Information Packs.

    Funnily enough the course was exactly £534 + about £1600 food and accommodation. The course was run by an ex Forces bloke so he knew the score.

    A bit of careful negotiation with the course provider will work wonders for you, it's just a case of shifting a few figures around.

    Oh and don't forget about ELC's.
  10. These Ressettlement course companies know the system inside out as, without stating the obvious it benefits them to offer the client/customer the best package available depending on what your entitled to, I know 1 guy who managed nearly a £3k course inc F&A + expenses but that was a long time ago,

    Poisondwarf has summed it up quite well to be frank although questions have raised for years over the amount through Soldier mag and still no improvement it's down to the individual to get the best out of their ressettlement process and no amount of moaning will improve the situation, we all just deal with it according to our circumstances,

    One issue that still surprises me to date is the amount of pers who don't take full advantage of SLC's & ELC's available to them and a little time taken for research is all it takes, and of which can "still" be used up to 10 years after leaving, no excuses for anyone not getting something half decent from the system

    As for getting your hand held during the discharge/resettlement process??? As a guide, everyone's situation is different irrespective of 4 yrs minimum service or 22 yrs, ask, ask and ask again untill you get your answers as the system has people to give advice and if your not happy within your unit of the advice go elsewhere simples!
  11. I found some information in the report completed by the National Audit Office in 2007 entitled "Ministry of Defence - Leaving the Services"

    So there's the answer to the earlier question - we now get 33% less in real terms (well, that was as at 2007, but inflation is very low just now so it's probably still similar). A year from now we'll probably get 100% less in real terms. :cry:
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  12. Like PAYD i'd be very careful what you wish for here.

    I'm sure if the grant was increased you would very quickly find other allowances such as Day Subsistence, Night Subsistence (Food & Accom) & others quietly being withdrawn.

    I have already seen that it is becoming increasingly difficult to claim these allowances as it is.
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  13. Sorry Raver's might be worth trying for another course

  14. For years the IERO cadre and DETSA have battled to have the IRTC (£534) increased (it has nothing to do with CTP, they are a civvie company that are in it for the money, they get something like £500 per person that attends the CTW, that doesnt come off your entitlement and is paid direct from the public purse, if you dont do the CTW you cannot do resettlement), a fantastic case was put forward a couple of years ago with resulted in the IRTC remaining the same but allowed you to use the ELC in conjunction (same rules apply - 20% contribution and course must be level 3 or above) with the IRTC. You cannot use SLC, IRTC and ELC together, although you can combine the IRTC & ELC but then use the SLC for any exam fees.

    Why wasnt the £534 increased? because they couldnt justify the public purse paying out anymore money.

    Good to see Outcast is off to Egypt, I worked as an IERO for a while after I left the Army, I spent a lot of time drafting letters for service leavers who would then give me the letter for me to send off for for authorisation, explaining that the SL needed to go to Egypt due to the clearer waters, longer dive times etc compared to going on the CTP run course in Cornwall.
    Also if you are thinking of going abroad for your resettlement, you need to apply at least 8 weeks in advance as political clearance is required.

    IERO is Resettlement god, not your RAO, RAWO, RCMO or CTP. There is a very true statement in resettlement and that is that you will only understand it fully once youve done it, then its too late.
  15. For my tuppence worth & echo poisondwarf's comment,

    this a general comment & not aimed at anyone specific, it gets a little repeatitive on arrse & reading in soldier of the constant critisim of issue's such as the the 'Ressettlement grant'

    A few pointers:
    (1) Do service personnel not even attempt manage their own careers or rely on the CoC to sort 'everything' in their lives?
    (2) The grant figure has'nt changed for as long as I can remember & highly unlikely to do so, why? look at the opportunities (if people bother to explore & investigate whats available) we can take before leaving it towards the end of service life,
    (3) A bit of research & homework paves a long way to prepare yourself for the civvy life transition

    I recently had a collegue, who is now severly regretting not doing serial 1, whom has now left and missed out on a huge fiscal sum & his ressettlement course left to the last 2/3 weeks of service,

    In my previous unit before moving one of the main items/issue's driven into our memories is plan this movement at least a minimum of 18 mths in advance, irrespective of length of service, regt or corp the facilities are available if people bother to get their finger out and take the bull by the horns, excuses are wearing thin.
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