53 Year age gap!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fltpilot, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. Eight-year-old boy 'weds' woman aged 61 to become one of world's youngest grooms
    Babyfaced Sanele Masilela tied the knot with mum-of-five Helen Shabangum.
    And the eight-year-old lad wed Helen Shabangum knowing that she was already MARRIED and that she has FIVE KIDS. Sanele, who is one of the world's youngest ever grooms, said he had been told by his dead ancestors to get hitched. And his family took the message very seriously - forking out £500 for the bride and a further £1,000 for the big day, which was organized in just two months.

    Dressed in a bow tie and tiny silver suit, little Sanele, the youngest of five children, exchanged rings in front of 100 guests and even puckered up for a kiss. It's already shocked the community in Tshwane, South Africa but the family has defended the ceremony, saying it was just a ritual and not legally binding.

    More @ Eight-year-old boy 'weds' woman aged 61 to become one of world's youngest grooms - Mirror Online
  2. stand down, it was just a ceremony to keep the ancestors happy.

  3. Paedophile marries kid. I imagine there'll be outrage on some sites but the main concern should be gaffa-taping some clown shoes to his feet, for his own safety.
  4. Saneleaxle axle grease. Never mind the cob webs. Get in there lad!
  5. Thought this was a brag thread. More than a little disappointed.
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  6. Someone needs to take the young lad aside and show him what Mumsnet looks like.

    Then hand him to Jarrod.
  7. Best I've managed so far is 24.
  8. Er....What the Fucks that all about....?????

    So its not and is but maybe, fuck its like A Campbelltown Wedding without the webbed feet =)
  9. Older or younger?

    If I shagged a bird who was 24 years younger, I fear I'd be in a spot of bother.
  10. Younger. Older, would be about 18 I think.
  11. Guess who's going to be making the decision which box to tick when he's old enough to vote? You couldn't make up this shit.
  12. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Black people from Africa are loverly and just like us - stop being so judgemental of different cultures which enrich us all.
  13. What do you mean "us", lound eye?
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  14. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    I on the other hand would be shagging a 21 year old, which is nice :)

    You fucking sprog.
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