53 MI Coy (V): Recruiting in Yorkshire and North East

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by fagbrew, May 15, 2009.

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  1. 53 MI Coy (V) are currently recruiting for personnel. This being individuals with no previous military experience or transferees. Ex-Regular Corps members are very welcome.

    This Coy offers dynamic and interesting training that will spark and challenge your grey matter as well as getting your boots dirty/develop your washing machine skills. It supports adventure training whenever possible and has a healthy social aspect.

    If you are interested, contact Coy HQ direct on 01904 644046. During office hours ask for the PSAO or out of hours leave a message. Or, PM me.
  2. Is there an equivalent unit in the North West (preferably within an hour of Liverpool)?

    If anyone has any information, either post here or PM me with it. Pref someone from that unit.
  3. Thanks alabama
  4. what doe you actually do? shuffle maps etc...
  5. What 53 coy certainly don't "doe" is wear DPM baseball caps; with or without velcro. Tw@t.
    Those who are interested could check out 5MI's website, available through the "units" link on Armynet
  6. is that 5MI ir MI5?.i was looking into the cap as it is a prerequisite to attend the HAC open day
  7. just checked the website, so you do shuffle maps then, oh by the way what is field security?

    dont get a bag on, get a mag on and stag on :D
  8. To clarify, I am not a member of 5MI so your use of personal pronouns is inappropriate.

    The fact that you are aware of field security as a role carried out by the Bn has given away your WAH so I am getting back in my box and taking my lumicolours and map marking stencil with me.
  9. Bump.......

    NB. Unit Role has changed .......new opportunities?