52nd heavy Regiment RA

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by GrumbleWeed, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. I am trying to find some info about the 52nd Heavy Reg. RA. My Grandfather (Sidney Warren) was evacuated at Dunkirque in 1940, and thats as far as I know about his service.

    Google has turned up very little. Has anyone got any details of the movements of this regiment, and a list of its officers?

    WHen he left, he was a Captain, and other than a few badges, we know very little of his movements during the war.

  2. You may have found it but this page gives the bare bones of where and when http://members.tripod.com/nigelef/regtsumm.htm

    War diary is probably the only option for a lot of detail, unless someone produced a regimental history, which is unlikely.
  3. Hmm, I seem to have had a bit more luck that you with Mr Google this lunchtime.


    This site says that:-

    1. The Bedfordshire Yeomanry became Gunners sometime in 1939 as 105 Fd Regt and then redesignated 52 Hy Regt in Nov 1939.

    2. After Dunkirk they remained as "Army Troops" until 1944 when they were part of 5 AGRA, within 2nd Army in Normandy.

    3. It is possible that the Regiment was broken up in July 1940 and reformed in 1943.

    This site says that 419 Battery of 52 Hy Regt fired in support of the latter stages of the Arnhem battles from Nijmegen football pitch and that the battery's members wore a Pegasus badge awarded by GOC 1 AB Div

    This site has a link to the diaries on the BBC site kept by a member of the Regiment after D Day

    ...even a mention on arrse

    Farndale's "The Years of Defeat" the History of the Gunners in WW2 1939-41 says that in 1940 , after the German breakthrough 52 Hy Regiment fought as infantry in the area of St Momelin near St Omer, until 25th May 1940 (which accounts for the links to deaths around that date that you can find on variosu memorials)

    If you want to visit these places with us check our website for details.
  4. The bare bones at members.tripod.com/nig...htm#hyregt are almost certainly correct.

    Just after WW2 AG 4 Medals produced a list (WO212/493) of all HQRA and RA Regts taken from the ORBATs showing their subordination. For 52 Hy it lists on pg 203:
    1/5/40 GHQ, France
    23/5/44 5 AGRA, 2 Army
    21/6/44 5 AGRA, 30 Corps, 2 Army
    1/8/44 5 AGRA
    28/9/44 2 btys under comd 5 AGRA, 1 Cdn Army
    9/10/44 (2 btys under comd 30 Corps) 3 AGRA
    13/10/44 (1 bty under comd 2 Army), 2 Cdn Corps
    14/11/44 2 Army
    13/12/44 5 AGRA
    28/4/45 1 Corps

    The Army Strength Return (WO 73/153) for Jun 42 show only 51, 53, 54, 56, 58, 59 Hy Regts in UK and none overseas. However Jun 43 (WO 73/157) shows 52 Hy in UK.
    The UK ORBAT for Non-divisional RA Feb 43 (WO 212/9) shows 52 Hy as GHQ Reserve, having 417, 418, 419, 420 Btys, but it's an mss amendment and this status suggests the regt was forming or yet to form.
  5. "My Father served in the same regiment from Dunkirk to 1945. It may interest you to know that I have his war diary from the D-Day landing to the end. I too have been searching for information or pictures et cetera. If I can be of help, please let me know. It may be easier to reach me at my personal email address at alan_st@sympatico.ca I joined your forum only to reply to you.


    Alan Stewart"
  6. Sorry- just seen your reply. Tries emailing you but keeps bouncing back!!