Discussion in 'RLC' started by happy_as_a_hat, Feb 24, 2007.

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  1. As long as use eDW you cannot go wrong. Ensure that you use the correct margins (2cm on left, 4cm on right).
    Use of flags, do not use to many as it becomes pointless (no pun intended). Usually someone within your unit will have their copy for guidance, if not PM me and i send you a draft version to guide you to what you need to do. :sentemail:
  2. Try your best mate, if thats not good enough you gave it your best shot. try not to cheat, Values and Standards, need i say more?
  3. Cheers for that, got it squared...think I may give eDW a go as it looks pretty iseful for the future!
  4. how about....you ackowledge that you've got an awful lot to learn(not you esp) but jnr capts generally and hit OLSC with an open mind!

    I was the angriest man in NATO on OLSC!
  5. I went on OLSC with an open mind and a desire to learn / do well (very out of character I know - albeit true). The whole course played to the lowest common denominator like Saturday night ITV and most of the lessons / TEWTs were banal and unchallenging.

    There has been an ORBAT change since then so I look forward to Happy as a Hats thoughts; although don’t make them too pointed as you’ve effectively just outed yourself!
  6. The cse has now changed and is going through another change later in the year.
    The only criticism that i had is they still teach/ revisit the old 3 column estimate when the rest of the army is on 7 questions. With Bowman the only format you can use (i believe) is the 7 questions, correct me if i am wrong.
  7. you're wrong, very wrong. The 7 questions is practiced by combat arms to sp the MDMP for effects based operation.

    But outside of this then the good old estimate is rolled out - the reason, is because 7 Qs is effects based and that isn't wholly applicable to all tenents of staff planning,

    eg you are CO 17 Regt and your task is to to establish a PTG in (insert country) and inload FE iot sp force generation for potential war fighting ops.

    How therefore, can we use the 7 Qs here???
  8. So its got nothing to do with the fact that most DS are more comfortable with the three column format?