52 hour discos

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bottleosmoke, Jan 6, 2007.

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  1. Its not just me is it?

    JHQ in late 80's/ early 90's ...............I could bore you all to death with stories about them but will leave that to you lot.
    However, Apart from fighting etc, I remember being kicked out at 3 in morning so the place could be hosed down and swept out. Then we were let back in.......................also bedspaces in the school gym?

    Oh and then trying to get a taxi back to Duisberg!
  2. Mid 80's awesome drinking and shagging fest.

    The best of times.
  3. I got out to Osnabruck late 87. Feck me but what an eye opener to a young 18 year old sprog. Never drank so much in my life. Good good days.
  4. Nothing worse than going into the bop on a Saturday and the crabs having a fit cause your in jeans so no entry or when you got in past them via fire exit they would shut the bar and switch all the lights on until the offending party left the venue......bunch of cnuts :p
  5. Nothing worse than finding out the naffi staff had turned off the vending machines and having the munchies.....raw cheese burgers were ace :roll:
  6. I was fortunate enough to be posted to Rheindahlen in the late ‘80s, so some of the guys I knew from other units would come and crash in the block for those weekends. Getting them into the cookhouse was sometimes a bit problematic, though.

    The 52 hour disco at Easter ’87 holds particularly fond memories ..... :D
  7. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Ahh those were the days. I remember shagging the postie from 16 Sigs on one excersion to JHQ 52 hour. I was told I was very brave afterwards :oops: Still what are your teenage years if not for getting the mingers out of the way :p
  8. Fookin ell, Theres a blast from the past. 6 of us used to cram in my old Alpha Sud & hot tail it from Herford to Rine D for a weekend of drunkeness & if you were lucky a bit of debauchery. On the way back the car used to stink of pi55 , vomit , gyros & sweat. At least half of us would be sporting a map of Africa on our strides & the occasional blackeye. I would love to be able to say more but I can only remember the journey there sober & the journey back sober(ish). Did,nt they get banned towards the end of the 90s ?

  9. I remember a couple of forward thinking young soldiers setting up their VW Camper Van on the Friday night on the square on Beresford Road; somewhere warm to sleep and a place to eat (cookhouse was difficult to blag). I also remember seeing a burnt out shell on the Sunday exactly where the camper van used to be.
  10. Can also remember going back to the car for an hours shuteye then waking up with a bladder the size of a medicne ball & a feeling of joy I had,nt lagged my passenger seat. I opened the door rolled on my side & unleashed a monster of a Tennents fueled power wazz much to the horror of the family who had just parked next to me. While the wife was shielding her offsprings eyes & bleating "say something Bob" the fella just gave a wry grin & ushered them all out the way. He,d obviously had exeperienced the joys of a 52hr bop.

  11. Always a cracking laugh unless you were coming off nights and some "mate" from the Regiment (not THAT Regt) was crashed in your pit. Then it was just a case of saying fcuk it, grab a shower and head on over to the Queensway for a morning pint :cheers:
  12. This post can't die; are there so few of us left?

    Any that are might remember that the 52 hour discos were actually justified as a means of making money for charity. The DJs would wait until everyone was absolutely wänkered and auction something of little worth for a ridiculous amount. One time, a young Signals Lineman offered DM45 for a can of Tenants. As he went up to the stage to pay his money and collect the lager a supremely unattractive WRAC (even through goggles), topless, crept up behind him, wrestled him to the floor and started grinding her front and back botton into his face. The same girl had allegedly moved to JHQ from Aldershot due to some unwanted sexual attention from one of the Para Regiments - not enough of them or something.
  13. Spliff boy , Trouble is if people are like me they will have hardly any recolection of events. I stuggle to remember things after one heavy night on the pop now let alone 52 hours worth almost 20 years ago !!!!! I do remember the regular sweep out tho !!! everybody out while an extended line was formed & the entire hall swept out with those water dispersing brooms beloved of 4sqns often flooded garages.

    52 hours on a diet of Tennents, Spewys, & naafi pies from the venders. Always used to stop at a schnelly on the way back for a gyros tho. Remember the bikini clad girls printed on the cans of Tennents? It has been known for someone to crack one off the wrist while clutching a can if they did,nt manage to pull one of the "lovely" WRACs who patronised such bops.

    Afraid for me all I can remember is the sweepouts,pi55ing out me car door & aquaplaning across the dance floor & sending people flying before falling flat on my arrse on one occasion. I,m bloody sure I enjoyed myself tho. :roll:


  14. Im still doing that in my 20s!

  15. My mates car also spontaneously combusted one night there too.................