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51st State or European State

Following on from the post - American Empire - Maybe this is the referendum question, I dunno, thoughts on the back of a postcard please.......
And surprisingly the most voted for option is.......


Pity our political "ruling class" are all a bunch of froggie loving liberals  ::)


close the borders , turn away the asylum seekers , kick out the ones we already have especially "capt hook ", ban frog imports, give all british overseas territory the right to be an integral part of UK i.e. gibraltar, falkland island and any english speaking nations thay wants to join greater UK the offer is open to the Yanks  ;)
I really AM waiting for posters of Jay Garner being produced (someone with a good photopackage might oblige) saying "Iraqis - Your country needs You" - nice finger pointing styleeeee.

How is the UK suddenly going to organise the cancellation of all the Iraqi refugees' refugee status? As Saddam is gone, they now have no persecution to fear. They should be sent back. By all means we should be paying their airfare and giving them a "get-you-in-pack" (some bricks, mortar, and corrugated iron) for them to re-build their country.

I volunteer to help send them on their way.

Not meaning to be racist against Iraqis in anyway, but what exactly IS the basis for gaining refugee status and then the reasoning for taking it away again? Iraq certainly seems a lot more stable than some of the other countries who have recently seen war / in-fighting / dictatorship.
Iraq certainly seems a lot more stable than some of the other countries who have recently seen war / in-fighting / dictatorship.

...and Albanians, and Bosnians, Kosovans, Somalis, Eritreans, Afghans, Sierra Leoneans.....
The point I'm making is, no matter how stable the country of origin might now be, the arriving parties will still give the Home Office some old bollies to justify entry....


Feck it! hoof the lot out.  No wonder the schools and hospitals are suffering with the sponging b@stards taking all the wedge.  

Has anyone noticed the BNP gaining seats (not that i endorse the BNP) in slowly increasing numbers?  Could be a sign of the feeling of the country?  

I don't think it's just the armed forces that are getting p1ssed off with the leftie w@ankers in office at the moment.  Let's just hope that one of the other parties can provide some decent competition before the next election.  

Aside from that, Close the borders - RULE BRITANNIA!!!    

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