51st Highland Regt compressed TA basic trg

Saw this:


Any gen on how it's really working out? Deemed cost-effective?

What kind of people is it attracting? Students, presumably; is that presumption correct?

Is it DS'd by regulars or a succession of TA bods taknig the six weeks in relay? The article suggests involvement from the regulars but it would be good to know whether there is a mix and what the TA to Reg proportion is.

I have to say, I enjoyed this bit:

The Scotsman said:
Ask nearly all the recruits what their mothers think of them spending six weeks with the army and you get the same response. They don't like it.

"She thinks I'm going to end up going to Iraq but I'm going to stick with it anyway," said Struan Brown, 17, from Dunoon.
That's my emphasis added in there. Somebody should sit his Mum down and have a quiet chat with her!
As I understand it they moved ITC staff to Benbecula for the middle two weeks. The first two weeks is manned by 51/52 staff and the last two is 51's annual camp.

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