51st (Highland) Division

Does anyone know if an OCA (Old Comrades Association) or such like exists for 51 HD? If so could you let me have contact details if possible?

Cheers in advance,
I don't know if there is one but I remember seeing an ex-serviceman's club in Crieff with an HD tac-sign above the door once. Unfortunately I cannot remember what club or establishment it was - it may have just been a legion club with a bit of local pride (three out of nine battalions were BW).
I know hat the 51 HD used to have reunions,but I think the last was in the 1960s.IIRC correctly "Monty" attended one!

I also know that the 51st vets go on pilgrimages back to the places where they saw action,and that they are organised by an ex 5BW man.If you want I can have a dig thru back issues of my Regimental Magazines to see if I can get you a contact address.
I remember stumbling by chance on a great reunion of old 51 HD boys in Kensington in c. 1982.

The ironic thing was they met in a pub called The Churchill Arms.

No hard feelings, then . . . .
Try these guys :-

The Highland Reserve Forces and Cadets Association
365 Perth Road
Tel: 01382 668283
Email: hi-marketingasst@hi.rfca.mod.uk

If they don't know about 51st Highland Division reunions or events, try Media Ops at 51 Brigade or 2 Div.

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