51(Scottish) Bde Units

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Boxy, Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. Just a FYI, all units who send recruits to 51s RTC, be aware, we have moved to our new hi tech, plush offices in the same line of buildings as the specailist training wing, if any of you lot out here are responsible for transporting recruits, or know people who do, please let them know.

  2. Also, If you can find us, You can claim your prize of either a 'Strawberry or Mint Cornetto'. You will also be entered into the grand prize draw. This consists of 4 slightly damaged and used ration packs( menus are not known, but will probably be that treacle pudding pi$h).


    All entrants will have their details entered into an out of date MOD computer, which will normally delete all contents of the hard drive thus rendering the contest a complete waste of time. The entry will also be dependant on a £1 admin charge, which like 'Deal or No Deal' is non-refundable and does not promise feck all.

    GIUY :thumleft:
  3. Hmm, is that out of one shed and into the next???? :cyclopsani:
  4. Yep, & this one has even less facilities, don't knock the treacle pudding sweaty, the mice/rats/rabid sheep seem to like it.
  5. The RTC is our absolute priority at this time.

    If you need anything, just ask.

    Once we get Recruit Selection integrated, it'll be the focus for all TA training.
  6. Who do we ask & how do we go about asking? We can't really rock up at crazyhall and say"Gie us a (fill in blanks with everything from more than 1 power socket to permenant classrooms)"much as I like the informal approach I assume the CoC wouldn't like being missed out.

  7. :frustrated:
  8. Does this mean that you're in the same boat?
  9. Yep, can't think of a team that isn't :)
  10. A case of (with thanks to Winston)
    "Never has so much information
    been taught to so many recruits
    by so few instructors
    with so little resources
    so often"
  11. This is not what I am being told.

    I am advised that the RTC is doing what it says on the tin. I am not aware that there are deficiencies in training resource (human or materiel); indeed, it is my understanding that we are ahead of the game as compared to other regional assets.

    Is this a case of the top not being told the truth or are you whingers?
  12. From an outsiders view, The RTC concerned does sterling work but its like FFbox said earlier!!!

    Yes, its a case of the Top not being told the truth! :frustrated:
  13. I shall look into the matter
  14. All RTC's are doing what it says on the tin, albeit at a knock down price. Yes 51 is well ahead of all other the other teams, which sort of proves the point of being given a job to do with very limited resource's. Primary problem's are real estate and instructors.
    Real estate is often in poor condition, small and troop accommodation is often in appalling condition, with nothing for a recruit to do during their very limited down time.
    On the instructor front, I don't think there is a team that is not carrying a large amount of vacancies. This seems to stem from three factors. Firstly units do not want to encourage NCO's to do a tour with a team as it reduces their own instructor holdings. The guys themselves see the RTC as a way of being forgotten and passed over for promotion by the parent unit. Finally the three or four weekends a month, 14-18 hour days plus the time needed at home for prep also puts off a lot of individuals.
    BRTC is a high commitment job and a job a lot of guys can't or won't do, due to Civi jobs and especially if their parent units shaft them at the same time.
    As for being told the truth? The head shed always gets told what they want to hear and is filtered accordingly through the CoC. As for whinging? Thats every soldiers right :thumright:
  15. Eloquently put.

    Whinging is part & parcel of squaddie life, once it stops look out, yes we whine, but we also get on with the job.

    Due to work at home, some of which I claim for, & RTC commitments I'm now at divorce state amber!