51 Gurkha Infantry Brigade


I will front up and admit to being RLC - but there is a reason I am on your patch!

A (relatively) elderly gentlemen with whom my unit works has been a thoroughly good egg for the past 20 odd years, constantly giving excellent support to the unit and always helping us out.

He is very shortly to retire. In conversation with him today, he happened to mention that he had served with 51 Gurkha Infantry Brigade in Borneo. He recalls having worn the Brigade tie with pride, but has, of late, misplaced it. We would very much like to track down another 51 Brigade tie (if they still exist), simply to present to him as a gesture of gratitude for all the work he has done for us. All the internet trawls have drawn a blank, hence a request on here to see if anyone can point us in the right direction.

Many thanks.
I'd try contacting the Gurkha Museum, through its curator. Just type Gurkha Museum into Google and follow the link. I am sure they'd be glad to help.
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